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areella näringar agricultural sciences ...
arrendeställe leasehold property (Non-member)
Avgiften regleras efter de arealer, som blir aktuella varje år. The fee is regulated depending on the areas that are updated every year. (Non-member)
axgrodd sprouting on the ear Christine Andersen
åkernorm land use regulation/code/standard; farming standard (in other contexts) (Non-member)
basskifte base parcel Diarmuid Kennan
blastdödning haulm killing Helen Johnson
blötkokning tendency to sogginess (when boiled) (Non-member)
drösa (in this context) fall off quincey
född och uppväxt med \"fötterna i myllan\" born and bred (or raised) on the land (Non-member)
förädlare (plant) breeder (Non-member)
förökning propagation, propagating (Non-member)
fickning notching Helen Johnson
fodervete fodder wheat, feed wheat Helen Johnson
gödningsmyllning fertiliser/fertilizer incorporation (Non-member)
gräsinsådd insown grass Helen Johnson
grödorna lägger sig pa fältet the crops are laying down in the field Helen Johnson
gro i axen get(ting) moldy/mouldy Helen Johnson
grundgödsling basic fertilization (Non-member)
Hembigård home apiary Diarmuid Kennan
husbehovsvirke timber for home use; wood for own use (Non-member)
hydrauliska uppehållstiden hydraulic retention time (Non-member)
kalkgiva lime dose (Non-member)
klungväxtetapp the stage of cluster growth Helen Johnson
krakning making a haycock (Non-member)
ladugolv ...with four separate divisions. (Non-member)
lantmannagöromål farm work ...
marksituation field conditions Helen Johnson
metabolit metabolite (Non-member)
modersyran parent acid Helen Johnson
mulljord humus soil /mull soil (Non-member)
ogräsbeta weed beet Helen Johnson
plansilo horizontal silo (Non-member)
preparatsluss strainer (tank)/dispenser tank Helen Johnson
rel. tal. relative index (Non-member)
samodlade companion (plants) Shawn Champion
savningsperiod sapping season Richard Green
sädesgolv storage space for unthreshed grains Mario Marcolin
småbrutet lightly broken-up (Non-member)
spannmålsavrens chaff (Non-member)