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areella näringar agricultural sciences ...
arrendeställe leasehold property (Non-member)
Avgiften regleras efter de arealer, som blir aktuella varje år. The fee is regulated depending on the areas that are updated every year. Paul Lambert
axgrodd sprouting on the ear Christine Andersen
åkernorm land use regulation/code/standard; farming standard (in other contexts) (Non-member)
basskifte base parcel Diarmuid Kennan
blastdödning haulm killing Helen Johnson
blötkokning tendency to sogginess (when boiled) (Non-member)
dagsverkstorp day labourer\'s croft David Rumsey
drösa (in this context) fall off quincey
född och uppväxt med \"fötterna i myllan\" born and bred (or raised) on the land (Non-member)
förädlare (plant) breeder (Non-member)
förökning propagation, propagating (Non-member)
fickning notching Helen Johnson
fodervete fodder wheat, feed wheat Helen Johnson
gödningsmyllning fertiliser/fertilizer incorporation (Non-member)
gräsinsådd insown grass Helen Johnson
grödorna lägger sig pa fältet the crops are laying down in the field Helen Johnson
gro i axen get(ting) moldy/mouldy Helen Johnson
grundgödsling basic fertilization (Non-member)
Hembigård home apiary Diarmuid Kennan
husbehovsvirke timber for home use; wood for own use (Non-member)
hydrauliska uppehållstiden hydraulic retention time Paul Lambert
kalkgiva lime dose (Non-member)
klungväxtetapp the stage of cluster growth Helen Johnson
krakning making a haycock (Non-member)
ladugolv ...with four separate divisions. (Non-member)
lantmannagöromål farm work ...
lastbärram load-carrying frame; hook lift frame (Non-member)
marksituation field conditions Helen Johnson
metabolit metabolite (Non-member)
modersyran parent acid Helen Johnson
mulljord humus soil /mull soil (Non-member)
ogräsbeta weed beet Helen Johnson
plansilo horizontal silo Paul Lambert
preparatsluss strainer (tank)/dispenser tank Helen Johnson
ramp boom (Non-member)
rel. tal. relative index (Non-member)
samodlade companion (plants) Shawn Champion
savningsperiod sapping season (Non-member)