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Term Translation Entered by
3:orna (dentistry) Canines or cuspids (Non-member)
att hjälpa den på traven to assist it; to give it a hand David Rumsey
bettreglering bite correction Terese Whitty
Bitplan Bite plane sampat
fixturbortstötning fixture rejection Terese Whitty
fixturförlust fixture loss Charlesp
Hög avverkning Fast cutting Andy Bell
ilande tandhalsar dentinal hypersensitivity Helen Johnson
implantat dental implants Charlesp
implantat retinerade implant-retained Terese Whitty
karensbelopp benefit limit Terese Whitty
kvadrant quadrant Terese Whitty
nya P New P (short for product name not yet made public) (Non-member)
pustömning suppuration; pus evacuation/aspiration Terese Whitty
suturering (removal of) sutures Terese Whitty
TB B L Toothbrushing in a Bucco-lingual direction (Non-member)
urtagskrona removable crown (Non-member)
utlämning. handed out/issued/delivered/dispensed Terese Whitty