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Term Translation Entered by
3:orna (dentistry) Canines or cuspids (Non-member)
att hjälpa den på traven to assist it; to give it a hand David Rumsey
bettreglering bite correction Terese Whitty
Bitplan Bite plane sampat
fixturbortstötning fixture rejection Terese Whitty
fixturförlust fixture loss (Non-member)
frätskada dental erosion (Non-member)
Hög avverkning Fast cutting Andy Bell
ilande tandhalsar dentinal hypersensitivity Helen Johnson
implantat dental implants (Non-member)
implantat retinerade implant-retained Terese Whitty
karensbelopp benefit limit Terese Whitty
kindlister linea alba Helen Johnson
kvadrant quadrant Terese Whitty
nya P New P (short for product name not yet made public) (Non-member)
pustömning suppuration; pus evacuation/aspiration Terese Whitty
suturering (removal of) sutures Terese Whitty
TB B L Toothbrushing in a Bucco-lingual direction (Non-member)
urtagskrona removable crown (Non-member)
utlämning. handed out/issued/delivered/dispensed Terese Whitty