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(plast)rondell (plastic) disc pad (Non-member)
1400 AMP 3 FAS 1400 amp three-phase ...
AF AR (administrative regulation) Helena Grahn
aluminiumtross aluminium truss ...
Ansättare uppspänd rammer is cocked David Rumsey
anslutningseffekt connected load Helen Johnson
apparatserie device range sschill
Arbetsbevis (el) Permit to work - electrical (Non-member)
automatikskåp circuit panel (or components cabinet) Paul Lambert
automationsprocessorer automation processors (Non-member)
automatsäkring automatic circuit breaker / automatic fuse (Non-member)
automatsäkringar i minusbranschen (miniature) circuit breakers in the negative line (Non-member)
av sorteringsgrunder ; for use as sorting criteria. quincey
avbrottsskyddad Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPSs) (Non-member)
avdragsbana screed rail (Non-member)
avsäkring fuse protection (Non-member)
avstörning noice supression, RF-supression (Non-member)
axiella axial ...
åtgärda act on SafeTex
önätsdrift island/stand-alone mode/operation Michael Ellis
överhastighet over-revving David Rumsey
bakplansförlängare backplane extension (Non-member)
bakspänning reverse voltage sschill
balanserat insteg balanced input stage Tim van den Oudenhoven
batteritruckhandsförsedda kablar cables fitted with connector sleeves for truck batteries (Non-member)
bespinning mesh Paul Lambert
bestyckning populate (Non-member)
bitar fingerkontaktlist pcs finger connector strips (Non-member)
blanknollor neutral conductors David Rumsey
bleka döden pale death David Rumsey
blockschema block diagram (Non-member)
bordhylsa funnel flange (Non-member)
brum- och jordslingor hum and ground loops David Rumsey
Bryt och Lås LOTO - Lock out, Tag out (Non-member)
brytande funktion circuit-breaking function (Non-member)
brytarsynkroniseringsdon circuit-breaker synchronization controller (Non-member)
brytplint disconnect(ion) block (Non-member)
brytpol Breaker pole (Non-member)
brytställe visible open circuit gap (Non-member)
Buntband cable tie(s) (Non-member)