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(plast)rondell (plastic) disc pad (Non-member)
1400 AMP 3 FAS 1400 amp three-phase ...
AF AR (administrative regulation) Helena Grahn
aluminiumtross aluminium truss ...
Ansättare uppspänd rammer is cocked David Rumsey
anslutningseffekt connected load Helen Johnson
Arbetsbevis (el) Permit to work - electrical (Non-member)
automatikskåp circuit panel (or components cabinet) (Non-member)
automationsprocessorer automation processors (Non-member)
automatsäkring automatic circuit breaker / automatic fuse (Non-member)
automatsäkringar i minusbranschen (miniature) circuit breakers in the negative line (Non-member)
av sorteringsgrunder ; for use as sorting criteria. quincey
avbrottsskyddad Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPSs) (Non-member)
avdragsbana screed rail (Non-member)
avsäkring fuse protection (Non-member)
avstörning noice supression, RF-supression (Non-member)
axiella axial ...
önätsdrift island/stand-alone mode/operation Michael Ellis
överhastighet over-revving David Rumsey
bakplansförlängare backplane extension (Non-member)
balanserat insteg balanced input stage Tim van den Oudenhoven
batteritruckhandsförsedda kablar cables fitted with connector sleeves for truck batteries (Non-member)
bespinning mesh (Non-member)
bestyckning populate (Non-member)
bitar fingerkontaktlist pcs finger connector strips (Non-member)
blanknollor neutral conductors David Rumsey
bleka döden pale death David Rumsey
blockschema block diagram (Non-member)
bordhylsa funnel flange (Non-member)
brum- och jordslingor hum and ground loops David Rumsey
Bryt och Lås LOTO - Lock out, Tag out Daccab
brytarsynkroniseringsdon circuit-breaker synchronization controller (Non-member)
brytplint disconnect(ion) block Daccab
brytpol Breaker pole Daccab
brytställe visible open circuit gap Daccab
Buntband cable tie(s) (Non-member)
byglingssladd jumper cable / link cable (Non-member)
cellindelat compartmentalized (construction) (Non-member)
central underfördelning central sub-distribution (Non-member)
cirkulationspump circulation pump (Non-member)