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Swedish to English Energy / Power Generation Translation Glossary

Swedish term English translation
... fram och återgående vätskemassan ... back and forth moving liquid mass
... leder indelningen... ... the arrangement results in ...
...samt i förlängning ... and by extension
...tillhandahåller en kostnadsfri utbildning/år... ... makes one free course available per year ...
abonnentcentral consumer substation
Entered by: David Rumsey
affärsdriv business/commercial drive
akviferlager aquifer thermal energy storage
anläggningsbesked production plant permit
Entered by: Paul Lambert
anmärkningspunkt (inspection) observations
Entered by: Paul Lambert
anvisningsel allocated supplier
avblindning blinding(s)
avluft / frånluft exhaust air / extract air
avspänningsstolpe tension tower
Entered by: Paul Lambert
avstick branch(ing)
axelsträng (axle) shaft assembly
Entered by: Helen Johnson
åker ut fall out
ö overpressure
ö-drift/ö-nät insular supply (insular network)
Entered by: Ulla Lundquist
överdämning surcharge
Entered by: Helen Johnson
övertin overtone
balansansvar balance responsibility
baskontoplan BAS-chart of accounts
Entered by: Fredrik Pettersson
basläggning alignment
Entered by: Peter Linton
börvärde reference value, setpoint
Entered by: NO-EN-DE
belastningar loads
bergförläggning underground installation
Entered by: Helen Johnson
bergpropp rock plug
Entered by: Helen Johnson
bergvärmepump rock heat pump
bioeldad värme biofueled heat
Entered by: micawber_7
brandvattensystem Fire Protection Water System
Entered by: Christine Andersen
brösttätning bonnet seal
brottlänk break link
Entered by: Paul Lambert
brukstidsmätning usage time metering
Entered by: Helen Johnson
brytstänger breaker bars, pry bars, striking bars
Entered by: David Rumsey
byglade strapped
DDP Delivered Duty Paid
delbatterislinga battery group
Entered by: David Rumsey
delspänning partial voltage
differensbildare differentiator
Entered by: David Rumsey
dragskåp fume-cupboard
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