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Term Translation Entered by
2:a stråket second pass (Non-member)
acceptdon access device (Non-member)
aggregat / belastningsaggregat load-generating equipment/units (Non-member)
avspänningsglödgat stress-relieved annealed Diarmuid Kennan
Axelupplag shaft support David Rumsey
ämnesrör metal tubes Diarmuid Kennan
äro are (Non-member)
överhettare superheater (Non-member)
bandgårdsobjekt marshalling / railway yard installation(s) quincey
bindefashalt binder phase content Diarmuid Kennan
blandningsventil mixing valve (Non-member)
bredbandsputs wide belt sanding machine OR wide belt buffing machine (Non-member)
brytrulle (tail) roller, (tail) pulley Mats Wiman
bygelvagn A-frame trailer (Non-member)
dammalstrande krossar dust generating crushers Diarmuid Kennan
Dekad Decade David Rumsey
driftstörning operational disorder/disturbance (Non-member)
DUC-nivå (CCU-level) Computerized control unit (Non-member)
effekthöjda power enhanced Diarmuid Kennan
El-effekt electrical power (Non-member)
elchef electrical manager micawber_7
eldstad firebox, hearth, (and in some cases a furnace) (Non-member)
eldstadsundertryck furnace underpressure; underpressure in the combustion chamber (Non-member)
Eleffektivitet Electrical efficiency (Non-member)
elpatron electric heater cartridge (Non-member)
falsarmatur folding connections for the fittings (Non-member)
falsvärmeanläggning overlapping/combination heating installation (Non-member)
förloppssträcka delay line Agneta Pallinder
framledning supply pipe/lead (Non-member)
fritt avlastat Free Off Truck (FOT) Anders Dalström
genomföringar lead-in Diarmuid Kennan
glidlagrad slide bearing; sliding bearing (Non-member)
glidlagring plain/slide bearing (Non-member)
glidtappar slide(r) pins (Non-member)
grovkrossat coarsely crushed Anders Dalström
Hårnålsfjäder hairpin spring (Non-member)
hyvel plane, planing tool (Non-member)
ibruktagningsbesiktingsman commissioning inspector quincey
inköpt färdigspädd och ställd 0.1 N AgNo purchased ready-for-use diluted and standardized .1N AgNO (solution) (Non-member)
kaksläpp cake release (Non-member)