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Term Translation Entered by
...... säkringstransaktioiner hedge transactions (Non-member)
behörig ordning properly authenticated Matthias Quaschning-Kirsch
företrädesemission Preferential rights issue Diarmuid Kennan
i eget namn on own account / on his/her own account Peter Linton
tjänstemannastyrda management-controlled/manager-controlled brigidm
utnittjande ... skattevärde utilization ... capitalised tax amount (Non-member)
...tillstånds- eller anmällningspliktig ... requiring a permit or registration (Non-member)
20-delar (pension) 20ths Helen Johnson
2000-talet First two decades of the 21st century Paul Lambert
a-conto fakturor invoice on account Jerry Dean
ABL aktiebolagslagen David Rumsey
ackumulerad skillnad bokföring accumulated difference (in) accounting (Non-member)
Ackumulerad underavkastning Cumulative returns (Non-member)
ADB-upptagning ADP (Automatic Data Processing)-recording Linda Theis
affärsavslut closing, close a deal (Non-member)
affärssammanställning summary of terms and conditions (Non-member)
Aktieförvaltare Portfolio Manager quincey
Aktielåtelseavtal Share Purchase Agreement David Rumsey
aktielikvid payment for the shares (Non-member)
aktieobligation bond obligation (Non-member)
aktiv marknad active market (Non-member)
Aktiverat skattevärde capitalised tax amount (Non-member)
aktiverats capitalize (Non-member)
aktuariella actuarial (assumptions) (Non-member)
analysbevakning analysis monitoring (Non-member)
ankerbudget anchor budget Helen Johnson
Anmälningssedel application form Hanne Rask Sønderborg
ansluta/anslutning (till banktjänst) register/sign up for/to (Non-member)
ansvarsbefrielse discharge from liability Anders Dalström
ansvarsförbindelser contingent liabilities (Non-member)
Ansvarsförbindelser avseende ej avskrivna erhållna statliga bidrag är reglerat Contingent liabilities covering unwritten-off government subsidies received have been squared (Non-member)
arbetsgivareavgift payroll tax Linda Theis
Avbryta preskription toll the statute of limitations (limitations period) Plamen Nenchev
avdragen skatt deducted tax Linda Theis
avdragsrätt condition precedent to allowability quincey
Avgående fordringar outgoing receivables; less accounts receivable (Non-member)
avgående poster outgoing items/entries (Non-member)
avgår less (Non-member)
avgiftsavier advice of rent and charges Rosica Dimitrova
avgiftsutrymme fee limit Rosica Dimitrova