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Term Translation Entered by
"lök på laxen" "frosting/icing on the cake" (Non-member)
ADSL-magasin ADSL hopper ...
användarnära services at the user/client\'s end Helen Johnson
apporterad kanalisation in-kind (telecom) trunkway assets (Non-member)
arbetsyta (in this context) work space quincey
Automatiserad larmhantering Automated alarm management quincey
Avlämningspunkt connection point quincey
avlämningsutrustning transfer equipment quincey
”lagt kort ligger” "what's done is done" David Rumsey
Behörigheter Privileges (Non-member)
Bläddra fram dokumentet i katalogen Browse to find the document in the catalogue (Non-member)
bryta arvet på cancel the inheritance of (authorization) quincey
dataintrång computer tampering, hacking, unauthorized computer access (Non-member)
datorhotell data centre Tania Samuelsson
den skarpa driftsmiljön the live operating environment ...
Dessutom finns tjänsteverksamhet och servicekontor över hela landet. In addition, there are service operations (located) across the entire country (Non-member)
Det anges som registrerat It is reported as registered (Non-member)
driftsövervakning operations monitoring (Non-member)
driftsrapportering operational reporting (Non-member)
drifttjänst Operational Services David Rumsey
dubbla bredbandförbindelser dual broadband connections (Non-member)
dygnsskarv over a 24h period quincey
e-mailpekare MX-pointers (Non-member)
eftergöra reproduce, duplicate (Non-member)
egen flik own link (Non-member)
faktaansvarig fact checker David Rumsey
förutsättningsteknik critical technology (Non-member)
förvaltning administration/administrative/management (Non-member)
förvaltningsledare Administrative Director, Administrative Manager sampat
Felavhjälpande troubleshooting David Rumsey
frågeanvändare querying users quincey
frågerad question line Helen Johnson
fyrpil cross arrow quincey
geostyrning geosteering (Non-member)
habegär desire // want quincey
Handelslagret Handelslagret (the trading book) Anna Herbst
håltakt takt with holes quincey
historik history (Non-member)
husnätsavgift building network fee (Non-member)
huvudslingan main loop Diarmuid Kennan