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Terms translated by translators via the KudoZ help network

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Term Translation Entered by
avfotografera photograph Richard Green
djupblästrad deep-blasted (Non-member)
formsäkerhet distinctive style or design Christine Andersen
jurerad judged (by a jury/group/expert) LinguaScandia
KAPA Kapa - light weight board (Non-member)
knäfigur three-quarter figure quincey
konstgjutare art caster (Non-member)
madonnaskåp madonna niche (Non-member)
manusbearbetning med dramaturgi manuscript editing with dramaturgy (Non-member)
Mönsterplanering / Mönsterplanerare Pattern design/Pattern designer JaneD
motivbehandling i pornografins tecken treatment of the subject in a spirit of pornography quincey
museal(t) museological; museum (Non-member)
Museets pedagog Museum Education Advisor Mark Boardman
musicerar amoriner cupids playing, cherubs playing Charlesp
reserverar oss för We reserve the right for any Paul Lambert
rumslig gestaltning spatial design Paul Lambert
stoppningens formspråk idiom of upholstery/upholstering Charles Ek
Teaterförbundet Swedish Union for Theatre, Artists and Media ...
TYGLÖSA Tyglösa frame (Non-member)