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Term Translation Entered by
avfotografera photograph (Non-member)
djupblästrad deep-blasted (Non-member)
formsäkerhet distinctive style or design Christine Andersen
jurerad judged (by a jury/group/expert) (Non-member)
KAPA Kapa - light weight board (Non-member)
knäfigur three-quarter figure quincey
konstgjutare art caster (Non-member)
madonnaskåp madonna niche (Non-member)
manusbearbetning med dramaturgi manuscript editing with dramaturgy (Non-member)
mästerskapsprov mastership/reception piece SafeTex
Mönsterplanering / Mönsterplanerare Pattern design/Pattern designer JaneD
motivbehandling i pornografins tecken treatment of the subject in a spirit of pornography quincey
museal(t) museological; museum Larry Abramson
Museets pedagog Museum Education Advisor (Non-member)
musicerar amoriner cupids playing, cherubs playing (Non-member)
reserverar oss för We reserve the right for any Paul Lambert
rumslig gestaltning spatial design Paul Lambert
stoppningens formspråk idiom of upholstery/upholstering Charles Ek
Teaterförbundet Swedish Union for Theatre, Artists and Media ...
TYGLÖSA Tyglösa frame (Non-member)