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Term Translation Entered by
andelspriser unit trust share prices (Non-member)
avstämningsdag record day (Non-member)
börspåverkande (..strategic importance) that will have an effect on the share price (Non-member)
efterutdelning Extra dividend (Non-member)
förlagslån debenture loan Charlesp
förmögenhetsägare holder of wealth, wealthy person; owner of capital; investor Charlesp
förvaltningskapital capital under management Charlesp
garantiprodukter capital guaranteed products Charlesp
konvertibla skuldförbindelser convertible promissory note Charlesp
kringtjänster ancillary services Charlesp
livsparare life insurance savers quincey
Rörelsebidraget contribution to operating income, contribution to operations Charlesp
skuldsida liability side quincey
TKA total cost share/percentage (Non-member)
undervikt underweight (Non-member)