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Term Translation Entered by
andelspriser unit trust share prices (Non-member)
avstämningsdag record day (Non-member)
börspåverkande (..strategic importance) that will have an effect on the share price (Non-member)
bristbelopp deficiency amount (Non-member)
efterutdelning Extra dividend (Non-member)
förlagslån debenture loan (Non-member)
förmögenhetsägare holder of wealth, wealthy person; owner of capital; investor (Non-member)
förvaltningskapital capital under management (Non-member)
garantiprodukter capital guaranteed products (Non-member)
konvertibla skuldförbindelser convertible promissory note (Non-member)
kringtjänster ancillary services (Non-member)
livsparare life insurance savers quincey
Rörelsebidraget contribution to operating income, contribution to operations (Non-member)
skuldsida liability side quincey
TKA total cost share/percentage (Non-member)
undervikt underweight (Non-member)