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"20% av pensionsmedfoerande loen i intervallen 7.5 basbelopp intill 20 basbelopp 20% of pensionable salary in the range 7.5 up to 20 Swedish basic amounts Peter Linton
...som leverantören i sådana frågor sparar gentemot säljaren. ...that the supplier in such issues is answerable to the seller ...
...till upphörande vid det kalenderarsskifte give notice of termination (to terminate clauses...) expiring at the end of the year (Non-member)
Abbreviation e.ö. enligt överenskommelse (probably) (Non-member)
Ackord vs. Ackordslag piece work pay; piece work team (Non-member)
affarsmässighet business-like approach (Non-member)
aktstycke document section (Non-member)
anbudsstöd (entire sentence) assistance for tender Paul Larkin
andrahandsavtal sub-agreement; secondary agreement (Non-member)
anmärkningsskrift notice of objection (written objection) (Non-member)
Anställdas egenhandel employees' trading for own account (Non-member)
ansvarig beställare person responsible for ordering (Non-member)
arrendeavtal lease agreement (litteral translation) (Non-member)
artikelbundet contract relating to the sale of goods (Non-member)
att säga upp avtalet till upphörande dagen cancel the contract from the day before (Non-member)
avdragsutrymme relief; allowance; deductibility Helen Johnson
aviseringsadress billing address Kristina Thorne
avluckring tilling (Non-member)
Avropare The person making a call-off order Jan Schauseil
Avropsförfrågan call-off enquiry Rosica Dimitrova
Avtal om allmänna antällningsvillkor Avtal om allmänna antällningsvillkor (Non-member)
avtala om någons rätt enter into an agreement concurring in/affirming/ someone's right (Non-member)
avtalsfästa contractual Helen Johnson
Avtalsförhållande contractual relationship (Non-member)
avtalskonstruktion contract structure Paul Lambert
avtalsspärren the standstill period; the prohibition against concluding contracts (for a certain period) (Non-member)
avtalsvillkoret contract condition (Non-member)
återgång av prestation reversal of performance Rosica Dimitrova
överlåta transfer TechLawDC
överuttag leave taken in excess of entitlement quincey
”Bygghandling/Montageritning/Arbetsritning/Besiktningsritning... construction document, assemby document, working drawing, inspection drawing (or plan) (Non-member)
bakre slagskons the rear beater\'s (Non-member)
befrielsegrund grounds for relief quincey
begära ut solicit (Non-member)
belagts för näringsförbud has been banned from engaging in commercial activities ...
belöpande andel portion (of xx) applicable to Kristina Thorne
Beredskap och jouravtal availability and on-call agreement/ contract Paul Lambert
beror på I vad mån och med vilka belopp som garantibrister vissas föreligga depends on the extent to which, and values for which, breaches of covenant are shown to exist (Non-member)
besittingskydd security of tenure (Non-member)
beslutsordning decision-making procedure (Non-member)