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Term Translation Entered by
"bra att förvara" convenient storage, easy to store (Non-member)
A och O the be-all and end-all, the essence quincey
Affärsområdesledningen Business Area Manager; Business Area Management (Non-member)
Aktuella vattenlägen current water levels Helena Grahn
anmälningsprocenten response percentage Paul Lambert
anropsstyrdtrafik on-demand transport Christine Andersen
att aktivt bearbeta marknaden cultivate / grow / develop the market Larry Abramson
avropa inköp make call-off orders Susanne Roelands
älvlandskap river landscape (Non-member)
överlagrad superimposed micawber_7
B-krav SHOULD requirement (Non-member)
benar upp analyze / sort out Paul Lambert
brandtätningsystem fire-prevention sealing system (Non-member)
brinner för maxade ambitioner burning to maximise our ambitions David Rumsey
brus(et) noise Bjørnar Magnussen
brytschema page layout (Non-member)
Burk (av metall för skokräm) tin (Non-member)
ca-priser approximate prices (Non-member)
chocksänkta drastic price reductions (Non-member)
Del 1 av registreringsbeviset Part 1 of the Registration Certificate ettore
DM-inbjudan Direct marketing offer / Direct mail offer (Non-member)
dragare promotion ...
dunder wonder (as in "wonder-product" or "smashing" (UK) or "huge success") (Non-member)
EFI-metod FAB method Paul Lambert
egna unique (depending upon context could be: odd, peculiar, strange) (Non-member)
en trygghet a sense of security (Non-member)
ett par gånger litterally "a couple of times," however also said to mean: every now and then, occasionally, a few times (Non-member)
Explanation of sentence blink of an eye. Paul Larkin
f-n [literally fan] F--k. (expletive equivalent to the F word in English). Other options to be less strong are \'so**ing\', \'bl**dy\' and \'da**ed\' Helen Johnson
försäljning sales (Non-member)
flitig enthusiastic (Non-member)
framtagna designed (Non-member)
fy faskiken vad kladdigt. yucky, how sticky (Non-member)
fysträning physical training/exercise (Non-member)
göra bot remedy; correct (Non-member)
genombrytande penetrating (Non-member)
genomföring penetration (Non-member)
hållbarare more durable (Non-member)
hela Sverige ska leva All (of) Sweden shall live (Non-member)
helhetsbetyg overall impression Salvador Scofano and Gry Midttun