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Terms translated by translators via the KudoZ help network

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Term Translation Entered by
3D-mätram 3D scanner (Non-member)
cellgummi foam rubber (Non-member)
Justerverk dry sorting lines Plamen Nenchev
Klyv- och hyvellinje / Kluvna och hyvlade produkter resawing and planing line / resawn and planed products Plamen Nenchev
kryssfanér plywood Helen Johnson
och för att dessa inte skall kunna slitas and to protect those (chain whels) against unnecessary wear Mats Wiman
Penselborstning nr 1 Brushing no. 1 David Rumsey
plåtfasad sheet metal facade [front] (Non-member)
sembratall Siberian Cedar; Cembra Pine (Pinus cembra) (Non-member)
Spännback Jaw Paul Larkin
spårpanel, grooved boarding Helen Johnson
spikskallar nail heads (Non-member)
urlägg offcuts (Non-member)
vankant waney Paul Lambert