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Term Translation Entered by
ansättaren the rammer; the ramming system David Rumsey
äntra enter, charge into, storm, infiltrate, burst in Peter Linton
äntring penetratation (Non-member)
överstatsanställd sergeant (also sergant) Chief Petty Officer Anna Herbst
bakkant rear of breech block (Non-member)
Beredskapsplacering emergency assignment David Rumsey
beslutsfähighet decision-making ability (Non-member)
Bevbåtkomp Patrol Boat Company quincey
borrning bore / guage David Rumsey
brandstridsmedel flamethrower / spitfire (Non-member)
brytkryss pressure star (Non-member)
Buren dator wearable computer David Rumsey
dubbel ommfattning double envelopment/pincer movement (Non-member)
eldvapen firearms (Non-member)
fast spaning reconnaissance post (Non-member)
firnings- och säkringsteknik abseiling and belaying (securing) techniques (Non-member)
firningsinstruktör climbing and rappelling instructor (Non-member)
fsk parachute quincey
funktionsansvarig myndighet appropriate authority Mats Wiman
grönsakskarta topographical map David Rumsey
grov- och finresolver coarse and fine resolvers David Rumsey
guideplatta guide plate quincey
halvmantlad semi-jacketed (Non-member)
insatsförband response unit (Non-member)
insatsförsvar operational defence (Non-member)
insatsorganisation task force Plamen Nenchev
kamratandan camaraderie/spirit of comeradeship (Non-member)
kanonportstätn gun port sealing Mats Wiman
kilen breech block David Rumsey
klottereko clutter (Non-member)
konstitueringsförslaget på staben proposed staff appointment Peter Linton
Kravställd risk specified acceptable risk (Non-member)
langade skott passed shells (Non-member)
lavette gun carriage Ian Giles
marschdjup marching depth (Non-member)
marschera i paradmarsch March in parade [formation] ...
marschsätt mode of deployment (Non-member)
Målbilden the aim (etc...) David Rumsey
morr whisker David Rumsey
OFR The Public Employees’ Negotiation Council Deane GOLTERMANN