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Term Translation Entered by
ansättaren the rammer; the ramming system David Rumsey
äntra enter, charge into, storm, infiltrate, burst in Peter Linton
äntring penetratation (Non-member)
överstatsanställd sergeant (also sergant) Chief Petty Officer Anna Herbst
bakkant rear of breech block (Non-member)
Beredskapsplacering emergency assignment David Rumsey
beslutsfähighet decision-making ability (Non-member)
Bevbåtkomp Patrol Boat Company quincey
borrning bore / guage David Rumsey
brandstridsmedel flamethrower / spitfire (Non-member)
brytkryss pressure star (Non-member)
Buren dator wearable computer David Rumsey
dubbel ommfattning double envelopment/pincer movement (Non-member)
eldvapen firearms (Non-member)
fast spaning reconnaissance post (Non-member)
firnings- och säkringsteknik abseiling and belaying (securing) techniques (Non-member)
firningsinstruktör climbing and rappelling instructor (Non-member)
fsk parachute quincey
funktionsansvarig myndighet appropriate authority Mats Wiman
grönsakskarta topographical map David Rumsey
grov- och finresolver coarse and fine resolvers David Rumsey
guideplatta guide plate quincey
halvmantlad semi-jacketed (Non-member)
insatsförband response unit (Non-member)
insatsförsvar operational defence (Non-member)
insatsorganisation task force Plamen Nenchev
kamratandan camaraderie/spirit of comeradeship (Non-member)
kanonportstätn gun port sealing Mats Wiman
kilen breech block David Rumsey
klottereko clutter Ian Bradburn
konstitueringsförslaget på staben proposed staff appointment Peter Linton
Kravställd risk specified acceptable risk Daccab
langade skott passed shells (Non-member)
lavette gun carriage Ian Giles
marschdjup marching depth (Non-member)
marschera i paradmarsch March in parade [formation] ...
marschsätt mode of deployment (Non-member)
Målbilden the aim (etc...) David Rumsey
morr whisker David Rumsey
OFR The Public Employees’ Negotiation Council Deane GOLTERMANN