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Term Translation Entered by
anrikningschef mineral processing manager tihomir
avetablering decommissioning Paul Lambert
avrykning under smältprocessen evaporation during the smelting process (Non-member)
ögonförande augen gneiss quincey
betslam pickling sludge (Non-member)
blykaldoverk Lead Caldo Plant Paul Lambert
buffertblock buffer block David Rumsey
Dagramp daylight ramp Plamen Nenchev
driftområdet operations area / operative area David Rumsey
förskiffrad schistose gneissic granite quincey
Friedlandlera Friedland clay David Rumsey
kapitalstruktur capital structure Deane GOLTERMANN
kyrkbildning (in this context) church formation quincey
lansning med stållansar och syrgas i tapphålet lancing with steel lances and oxygen gas in the taphole (Non-member)
Losshållning extraction of rock Deane GOLTERMANN
nettoskuldsättningsgrad net debt/equity ratio Deane GOLTERMANN
olika tunnor different drums; different barrels; different casks; different vats (Non-member)
ometableringar relocations (Non-member)
ortgavlar gallery heads; heading faces; tunnel faces; etc. (Non-member)
oxyfuel oxyfuel (Non-member)
patronerad laddning cartridged charge Rosica Dimitrova
rågodsinfrakt receiving station for raw materials (ore) Diarmuid Kennan
Skrotare scaler Plamen Nenchev
sprickrosdiagram joint directions diagram quincey
stödbransle boosting fuel (Non-member)
svekokarelska orogenen Svecokarelian orogeny quincey
Tappstråle A squirt of something fluid coming out of a tap (Non-member)
tf BCM Plamen Nenchev
tipphus dump shed tihomir
Vajerspel cable winch Plamen Nenchev