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Greek to English translators and interpreters » General fields

Greek to English Tech/Engineering translators (2480)
Greek to English Art/Literary translators (15114)
Greek to English Medical translators (2757)
Greek to English Law/Patents translators (5315)
Greek to English Science translators (12848)
Greek to English Bus/Financial translators (3036)
Greek to English Marketing translators (1522)
Greek to English Other translators (116)
Greek to English Social Sciences translators (1366)

Greek to English translators and interpreters » Specific fields

Greek to English translators: Accounting (290)
Greek to English translators: Advertising / Public Relations
Greek to English translators: Aerospace / Aviation / Space
Greek to English translators: Agriculture (182)
Greek to English translators: Livestock / Animal Husbandry (84)
Greek to English translators: Anthropology (198)
Greek to English translators: Archaeology (250)
Greek to English translators: Architecture (160)
Greek to English translators: Art, Arts & Crafts, Painting (511)
Greek to English translators: Astronomy & Space (112)
Greek to English translators: Finance (general)
Greek to English translators: Automation & Robotics (113)
Greek to English translators: Automotive / Cars & Trucks
Greek to English translators: Biology (-tech,-chem,micro-) (294)
Greek to English translators: Botany (76)
Greek to English translators: Construction / Civil Engineering (308)
Greek to English translators: Business/Commerce (general) (598)
Greek to English translators: Materials (Plastics, Ceramics, etc.) (99)
Greek to English translators: Certificates, Diplomas, Licenses, CVs (501)
Greek to English translators: Chemistry; Chem Sci/Eng
Greek to English translators: Poetry & Literature
Greek to English translators: Cinema, Film, TV, Drama
Greek to English translators: Textiles / Clothing / Fashion
Greek to English translators: Telecom(munications)
Greek to English translators: Computers (general) (542)
Greek to English translators: Computers: Hardware (337)
Greek to English translators: Computers: Software (398)
Greek to English translators: Computers: Systems, Networks (348)
Greek to English translators: Law: Contract(s)
Greek to English translators: Cooking / Culinary
Greek to English translators: Cosmetics, Beauty
Greek to English translators: Medical: Dentistry (103)
Greek to English translators: Media / Multimedia (399)
Greek to English translators: Economics (378)
Greek to English translators: Education / Pedagogy (718)
Greek to English translators: Electronics / Elect Eng (216)
Greek to English translators: Energy / Power Generation (249)
Greek to English translators: Engineering (general) (356)
Greek to English translators: Engineering: Industrial (95)
Greek to English translators: Mechanics / Mech Engineering (193)
Greek to English translators: Nuclear Eng/Sci (55)
Greek to English translators: Environment & Ecology (316)
Greek to English translators: Esoteric practices (99)
Greek to English translators: Fisheries (37)
Greek to English translators: Folklore (155)
Greek to English translators: Food & Drink
Greek to English translators: Forestry / Wood / Timber (52)
Greek to English translators: Furniture / Household Appliances (201)
Greek to English translators: Games / Video Games / Gaming / Casino
Greek to English translators: Mining & Minerals / Gems (36)
Greek to English translators: Genealogy (44)
Greek to English translators: General / Conversation / Greetings / Letters
Greek to English translators: Genetics (129)
Greek to English translators: Geography (177)
Greek to English translators: Geology (57)
Greek to English translators: Government / Politics (438)
Greek to English translators: Photography/Imaging (& Graphic Arts) (146)
Greek to English translators: Medical: Health Care (382)
Greek to English translators: History
Greek to English translators: Tourism & Travel (990)
Greek to English translators: Human Resources
Greek to English translators: Idioms / Maxims / Sayings (191)
Greek to English translators: Insurance (119)
Greek to English translators: International Org/Dev/Coop (264)
Greek to English translators: Internet, e-Commerce
Greek to English translators: Investment / Securities (148)
Greek to English translators: Metallurgy / Casting
Greek to English translators: IT (Information Technology) (424)
Greek to English translators: Journalism
Greek to English translators: Real Estate (220)
Greek to English translators: Law (general) (651)
Greek to English translators: Law: Patents, Trademarks, Copyright
Greek to English translators: Law: Taxation & Customs (228)
Greek to English translators: Linguistics (485)
Greek to English translators: Transport / Transportation / Shipping (319)
Greek to English translators: Management (288)
Greek to English translators: Manufacturing
Greek to English translators: Ships, Sailing, Maritime (150)
Greek to English translators: Marketing / Market Research (464)
Greek to English translators: Mathematics & Statistics (116)
Greek to English translators: Medical (general) (635)
Greek to English translators: Medical: Cardiology (162)
Greek to English translators: Medical: Instruments (221)
Greek to English translators: Medical: Pharmaceuticals (355)
Greek to English translators: Meteorology (23)
Greek to English translators: Metrology
Greek to English translators: Military / Defense
Greek to English translators: Music (335)
Greek to English translators: Names (personal, company) (100)
Greek to English translators: Nutrition (217)
Greek to English translators: Petroleum Eng/Sci (85)
Greek to English translators: Other (142)
Greek to English translators: Paper / Paper Manufacturing (30)
Greek to English translators: Patents (91)
Greek to English translators: Philosophy (313)
Greek to English translators: Physics
Greek to English translators: Printing & Publishing (162)
Greek to English translators: Psychology
Greek to English translators: Religion (212)
Greek to English translators: Retail (81)
Greek to English translators: Safety
Greek to English translators: SAP (42)
Greek to English translators: Science (general) (408)
Greek to English translators: Slang (103)
Greek to English translators: Social Science, Sociology, Ethics, etc.
Greek to English translators: Sports / Fitness / Recreation
Greek to English translators: Surveying
Greek to English translators: Wine / Oenology / Viticulture
Greek to English translators: Zoology (103)

Greek to English translators and interpreters

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Identity Verified   Eri Koutala
  Translation & Localisation Services
translation, medical, software, website, localisation, localization, editing, proofreading, technical, technology, computers, manuals, bilingual, freelancer, TRADOS, quality, financial, help files, user guides, html, software linguistic testing,, ελληνικά, αγγλικά, μετάφραση, μεταφραστής, λογισμικό, ιστότοποι, επιμέλεια, διόρθωση, διασφάλιση ποιότητας, QA, Έρη Κουταλά, Eri Koutala, μεταφραστικά εργαλεία, ... Greek
104 points
Greek to English
Identity Verified   Nikolaos Vlamakis
  Medical / Technical / Marketing
translation, Greek translator, medical translator, technical translator, manual translator, software translator, localisation. ... Greek
104 points
Greek to English
Certificates, Diplomas, Licenses, CVs, Medical: Instruments, Chemistry; Chem Sci/Eng, Biology (-tech, -chem, micro-), Advertising / Public Relations, Marketing / Market Research, Internet, e-Commerce, Business/Commerce (general), Ships, Sailing, Maritime, Cosmetics, Beauty, General / Conversation / Greetings / Letters, Medical: Cardiology, Government / Politics, Law: Contract(s), Medical: Pharmaceuticals, Medical: Health Care, Medical (general) ... Greek
95 points
Greek to English
Identity Verified   Constantine Kourakis
  Intercultural communication made easy
Greek translations, English translations, certified translator, official translations, editing, quality assurance, legal translations, lease/services agreements, employment contracts, actions, complaints, affidavits, depositions, power of attorney, certificates, business translations, Clinical Trial Agreement, Serious Adverse Event, discharge letters, EC letters, government/politics, Government Gazette Issues, ATA Member, PEEMPIP Member, PDF files, available on holidays and at weekends, intercultural communication ... Greek
90 points
Greek to English
  Vassilis Korkas
  Quality at reasonable prices
technology, science, politics, fantasy literature, Archaeology, History, sport ... Greek
United Kingdom
88 points
Greek to English
  Joanne Panteleon
  Added Value Services
Civil Engineering & Public Works, Law, Banking, Μarketing & Management, Medical & Pharmaceutical, IT/Computers/Internet, Software localisation ... Greek/French
87 points
Greek to English
Identity Verified   raptisi
Surgery, bypass, cardiology, interventional radiology, stents, esophageal diseases, esophagogastroduodenoscopy, lung cancer, pulmonary diseases, coronary artery disease, valvular heart disease, myocardial disease, pericardial disease, interstitial lung disease, stomach, large and small bowel, cancer, cancer treatment, palliative care, radiography, CT scan, MRI/MRA, nuclear imaging, ultrasonography, echocardiography, angiography. ... English/Greek
83 points
Greek to English
Identity Verified   Fevos Zachopoulos
  Civil Engineer-20 years of translation
Greek, civil engineering, Architecture, mechanical engineering, engineering, construction, mechanical, electrical, power, energy, renewable power, tender, project, contract, concession, equipment, medical, manual, machinery, tool, software, tutorial ... Greek
80 points
Greek to English
  Vassilis Paraskevas
  Put your ideas into words
fast, quality, experienced, air conditioning, user manual, installation manual, medical, legal ... English/Greek
72 points
Greek to English
Identity Verified   alexliz
  20 yrs' of experience and happy clients
Greek, engineering, software, localization, translation ... Greek/English
68 points
Greek to English
  Penny Papadopoulou
Law: Contract(s), Insurance, Poetry & Literature, Media / Multimedia, Music, Energy / Power Generation, Paper / Paper Manufacturing, Cosmetics, Beauty, Religion, Sports / Fitness / Recreation, Cinema, Film, TV, Drama, Art, Arts & Crafts, Painting, Business/Commerce (general), Cooking / Culinary, Economics, Environment & Ecology, Food & Drink, General / Conversation / Greetings / Letters, Internet, e-Commerce, Nutrition, Real Estate, Retail, Textiles / Clothing / Fashion, Transport / Transportation / Shipping, Medical (general), Advertising / Public Relations, Journalism, Computers (general), Tourism & Travel, Science (general), Marketing / Market Research, Law (general), Government / Politics, Finance (general), Certificates, Diplomas, Licenses, CVs ... Greek
United Kingdom
64 points
Greek to English
Identity Verified   Spiros Konstantogiannis
  Physicist M.Sc./Tech. Translator/11 yrs
English to Greek, Greek to English, English, Greek, translate, translation, translations, localization, proofreading, terminology, science, technology, chemistry, biochemistry, biology, Physics, math, mathematics, statistics, space, astronomy, engineering, software, manuals, environment, Patents, scientific Patents, scientific translations, technical translations, technical translator, electronics, technical manuals, biochemistry, bioPhysics, mechanical engineering, civil works, constructions, medical equipment, documentation, help files, IT, networks, networking, glossaries, native Greek, translation experience, terminology expert, Σπύρος Κωνσταντογιάννης, μετάφραση, μεταφράσεις, τεχνικές μεταφράσεις, επιστημονικές μεταφράσεις, φυσική, χημεία, βιολογία, μαθηματικά, στατιστική, διάστημα, αστροφυσική, σύμπαν, εξελληνισμός, ορολογία, μετάφραση ορολογίας, μεταφράσεις όρων, μεταφράσεις λογισμικού, μεταφράσεις ιστοσελίδων, διπλώματα ευρεσιτεχνίας, αποδελτίωση, γλωσσάρια, Αγγλικά προς Ελληνικά, Ελληνικά προς Αγγλικά, Ελληνικά, Αγγλικά, ιατρικός εξοπλισμός, ιατρικά ... Greek
60 points
Greek to English
Identity Verified   Natalia Alexiou
  Left and right brain in unison
law, legal, legal translator, lawyer linguist, juriste linguiste, legal translation, Greek legal translator, Greek legal translation, Greek lawyer, Greek law, common law, attorney, solicitor, barrister, counsel, contracts, agreements, torts, personal injury, Real Estate, property, commercial, business, company, partnership, firm, merger, acquisition, civil, criminal, administrative, private, public, transactions, labour, labor, employment, international, organisations, organizations, Patents, copyright, intellectual property, IP, EU law, EEC law, European law, procedure, code, statute, act, articles of association, bylaws, legislation, litigation, litigant, judgement, judgment, decision, opinion, judicial, court, pleadings, briefs, lawsuit, action, motion, affidavit, power of attorney, deposition, certificate, recognition, enforcement, writ, Architecture, design, interior design, product design, interior Architecture, landscape design, decoration, project, architect, designer, drawing, ... Greek
60 points
Greek to English
Identity Verified   Michael Iakovides
  Billingual translator (GR<>EN)
civil engineering, engineering, geotechnical engineering, Geology, law, finance, Accounting, advertising, pharmaceuticals, software, billingual, bilingual, Management, business, proof reading, proof-reading, editing, non native speaker editing ... Greek/English
60 points
Greek to English
Identity Verified   bol.b.
   A qualified professional!
English, Greek, Italian, Engineering, Manufacturing, Architecture, Health, Medicine, Education, Engineering, dentistry, translations, interpreting ... Greek/Italian
60 points
Greek to English
Identity Verified   ElectraV
Greek, tourism, cooking, Spanish, griego, castellano, español, turismo, social sciences, Anthropology, ciencias sociales, antropología, Archaeology, arqueología, Journalism, periodismo, cocina, μετάφραση, ισπανικά, ελληνικά, τουρισμός, Μαδρίτη, Madrid ... Greek
60 points
Greek to English
Identity Verified   peekay
  Bene Legere Saecla Vincere
business development business, advertising, engineering, travel, commerce, aerospace, technology, History, sociology, literature, Archaeology, Philosophy, cooking, sports, gaming, military, law enforcement, transport, security, government, politics, NGO, cinema, Music, proofing, fact-checking, vetting, DAMAGE CONTROL, PRESS RELEASES. ... English/French
59 points
Greek to English
  Efi Varvaropoulou
  15 years doing nothing but translating
Advertising / Public Relations, Engineering (general), Human Resources, Tourism & Travel, Government / Politics, Management, Law: Patents, Trademarks, Copyright, Real Estate, Journalism, International Org/Dev/Coop, Insurance, Materials (Plastics, Ceramics, etc.), Marketing / Market Research, Social Science, Sociology, Ethics, etc., Mechanics / Mech Engineering, Environment & Ecology, Art, Arts & Crafts, Painting, Biology (-tech, -chem, micro-), Business/Commerce (general), Certificates, Diplomas, Licenses, CVs, Chemistry; Chem Sci/Eng, Telecom(munications), Computers (general), Engineering: Industrial, Energy / Power Generation, Education / Pedagogy, Economics, Cosmetics, Beauty, Food & Drink, General / Conversation / Greetings / Letters, Law (general), Law: Contract(s), Construction / Civil Engineering, Medical (general), Medical: Health Care, Medical: Pharmaceuticals, Law: Taxation & Customs, Genetics, Finance (general), Cooking / Culinary ... Greek
56 points
Greek to English
Identity Verified   Katerina Rhodes
  EU experience-accuracy-punctuality
translation, English, French, Greek, Russian, History, cooking, biology, medicine, law, construction, human sciences, science, IT, tourism, fast service, translator, proof-reading, project Management, EU specialisation, Commission, high quality, arts, Linguistics, sports, fitness, astronomy, media, cinema, finance, Economics, European Union, politics, Geography, Anthropology, children's books, good deals for big projects, certificates, public relations, aerospace, μετάφραση, Κομισιόν, ποιότητα, τέχνη, ιατρικά, εξειδικευμένα, τεχνικά, πολιτική, μάρκετινγκ, επικοινωνία, βιολογία, ταχύτητα, εξοπλισμός, γλωσσολογικά, επιστημονικά, ελληνικά, αγγλικά, γαλλικά, ρωσικά, politique europeenne, qualite, rapidite, traductions specialisees/ generales, medicine, computer, informatique, anglais, francais, grec, russe, art, textes techniques, communication, juridique, financier, financial, legal, prix raisonnable, etc. ... Greek
55 points
Greek to English
  Building worlds...word by word
Legal contracts, educational texts, touristic advertising, diplomas, medical texts, literature. Fast and reliable service, many years of experience with a large variety of topics. ... German
54 points
Greek to English
  Betty Jean Petropoulos
  Accuracy, diligence, quality work.
Literary translation - Prose and Poetry, Greek to English. Recipient of international awards for haiku poetry in translation. Greek to English translation in fields of legal, medical, business, energy, maritime, Telecom(munications), travel, forestry, education, History, literature. Conscientious, accurate work. Rich vocabulary, pristine grammar and spelling. ... English
48 points
Greek to English
Identity Verified   Sofia Poulou
  Medical/pharmaceutical expertise
Translation, SPC, summary of product characteristis, PIL, patients information leaflet, Labelling, EMA, EMEA, templates, pharmaceuticals, medical translation, clinical trial protocol, clinical study protocol, biology, doctor, healthcare, autoimmune, neurology, cardiovascular, chemical, cosmetics, biochemical, biochemistry, molecular, Μετάφραση, Περίληψη των Χαρακτηριστικών του Προϊόντος, Φύλλο Οδηγιών Χρήσης, Επισήμανση, Ιατρική, Βιοιατρική, Φαρμακευτική, Χημεία, Ανάλυση, Ογκολογία, Καρδιολογία, Ενδοκρινολογία, Ακτινοδιαγνωστική, Δερματολογία, Διαιτολογία, Ορθοπεδική, Οφθαλμολογία, Ανοσολογία, Οδοντιατρική, Αιμοδυναμική, Κυτταρολογία, Παθολογοανατομία, Πνευμονολογία, Μοριακή Βιολογία, Ιατρική Φυσική, Νευροφυσιολογία, Ψυχολογία, Παιδιατρική, Πυρηνική Ιατρική, Ιστολογία, Μικροβιολογία, Γυναικολογία, Μαιευτική, κλινικές έρευνες, κλινικές μελέτες, κλινικές δοκιμες, εκθέσεις, αναλύσεις, ιατρικές αναφορές, πορίσματα εξετάσεων, ακτινογραφιών, αξονικών, μαγνητικών, σπινθηρογραφημάτων, καρδιολο ... Greek
44 points
Greek to English
  Eleftheria P
Advertising / Public Relations, History, Internet, e-Commerce, Law: Patents, Trademarks, Copyright, Poetry & Literature, Mechanics / Mech Engineering, Media / Multimedia, Nuclear Eng/Sci, Other, Printing & Publishing, Psychology, Sports / Fitness / Recreation, Surveying, Law: Taxation & Customs, Geography, General / Conversation / Greetings / Letters, Anthropology, Art, Arts & Crafts, Painting, Astronomy & Space, Automotive / Cars & Trucks, Aerospace / Aviation / Space, Business/Commerce (general), Computers: Hardware, Computers: Software, Economics, Engineering (general), Environment & Ecology, Food & Drink, Games / Video Games / Gaming / Casino, Transport / Transportation / Shipping, Cinema, Film, TV, Drama, Journalism, Computers (general), Tourism & Travel, Science (general), Law (general), Law: Contract(s), Government / Politics, Finance (general), Certificates, Diplomas, Licenses, CVs ... Greek
44 points
Greek to English
  Eva Smith
  Detailed, professional, accurate
Tourism, Commerce, Engineering, Legal, computers, General, letters, correspondence, Real Estate, legal, marketing, public relations, Δημοσιες Σχεσεις, ΜΜΕ, Εφημερίδες, Δημοσιογραφία, Περιοδικός Τύπος, Law, Science, Restaurant, Εστατόρια, Culinary, Oenology, Food, translation, translator, μεταφραστής, μετάφραση, μεταφράσεις, engineering, μηχανικός, construction, civil engineering, electrical engineering, English to Greek, Greek to English, υπολογιστές, λογισμικό, computers, software, hardware, health care, nursing, ψυχολογία, Psychology, literature, λογοτεχνία, art, μουσική, Music, κινηματογράφος, cinema, film, κλασική μουσική, θρησκεία, Religion, Philosophy, φιλοσοφία, TV, τηλεόραση, advertising, διαφήμιση, experienced, qualified, Greek translator, Greek, Greek to English, English translator, English to Greek, Greek translations, Ελληνικά, Αγγλικά. ... English/Greek
40 points
Greek to English
Identity Verified   Pauline Alexiou
, Advertising / Public Relations, Slang, Tourism & Travel, Textiles / Clothing / Fashion, Retail, Poetry & Literature, Food & Drink, Cooking / Culinary, Cinema, Film, TV, Drama, Idioms / Maxims / Sayings ... English
39 points
Greek to English
  Dora P
  Also an Environmental Engineer, M.Sc.
Aerospace / Aviation / Space, Marketing / Market Research, Manufacturing, Medical: Pharmaceuticals, Engineering: Industrial, Biology (-tech, -chem, micro-), Construction / Civil Engineering, Tourism & Travel, Games / Video Games / Gaming / Casino, Mechanics / Mech Engineering, Chemistry; Chem Sci/Eng, Environment & Ecology, Engineering (general), Medical (general), Energy / Power Generation, IT (Information Technology), Electronics / Elect Eng, Law: Contract(s), Science (general) ... Greek
38 points
Greek to English
Identity Verified   Carolyn Brice
  A linguist born and bred
marketing, business, financial, french, English, Greek, german, law, greece ... English/French
38 points
Greek to English
Identity Verified   elzosim
  It does make sense!
Translation, localisation, localization, proofreading, review, dtp, language consulting, online research, manual, user guide, computing, IT, software, SW ... Greek
36 points
Greek to English
Identity Verified   Eleftheria Dekavalla
  Kommunikation ohne Grenzen
übersetzungen, deutsch, griechisch, englisch, technik, wissenschaft, pädagogik, literatur, medizin, tourismus, übersetzung, logion ... Greek
United Arab Emirates
36 points
Greek to English
Identity Verified   Dimitrios Papantoniou
  MD, medical and science translations
MRI, medical, medicine, pharmaceutics, biology, molecular biology, oncology, internal medicine, science, cardiology, medical instruments, pharmaceuticals, catheters, medical machinery, d iagnostic aids, pharmaceuticals, Clinical Chemistry, Immunodiagnostics, Ultrasound, Drug Assays, clinical chemistry, medical devices, surgical equipment, molecular biology, immunodiagnostics, cardiosurgery, surgery, implants, stents, medical ultrasound, ultrasound, CT, CT scan, cardiology, immunology, reagents, laboratory, drug study protocols, clinical trials, medical equipment, nuclear medicine, ultrasonography, medical instruments, non-invasive procedures, cardiovascular, neurosurgery, clinical tests Greek language, Greek translators, Greek translations, Greek linguists, freelance translators, peripherals, printers, technical, Adobe, Photoshop, Illustrator, Wordfast, localization, localisation, html, websites, manuals, user's manuals, Greek, Trados, digital cameras, translation, editing, Englis ... Greek
32 points
Greek to English
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