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The United States has a large and growing translation industry. The U.S. market is bigger than any other country, and many of the largest translation companies are based there as well. The U.S. also has many independent freelance translators.

Several thousand professionals are members of the "American Translators Association", which offers certification and promotes the profession.

The community in the United States is one of the largest. Over 100 powwows and events have been held throughout the country

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Translation associations and schools in United States

AssociationAmerican Literary Translators Association
AssociationChicago Area Translators and Interpreters Association
SchoolInstitute for Applied Linguistics, College of Arts and Sciences at Kent State University
SchoolSeattle Central Community College, Health & Human Services Division
SchoolUniversity of Louisville
AssociationEl Paso Interpreters and Translators Association
SchoolWake Forest University, Department of Romance Languages
SchoolBrigham Young University, Department of Spanish and Portuguese
SchoolEducational Testing Service - TOEIC
SchoolUniversity of Wisconsin–Milwaukee

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Upcoming and past events in United States

Powwow United States - Syracuse Sep 17, 2015
Powwow United States - Los Angeles Sep 10, 2015
Powwow United States - Chicago Jul 6, 2015
Powwow United States - New Orleans Jun 3, 2015
Powwow United States - Rutherford May 16, 2015
Powwow United States - Chicago Apr 27, 2015
Powwow United States - Cumming Apr 19, 2015
Powwow United States - Chicago Mar 30, 2015
Powwow United States - Indianapolis Nov 15, 2014
Powwow United States - Los Angeles Sep 11, 2014

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