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This map shows those members who have entered their locations, and agreed to allow them to be shown. Your location is represented by a large red icon. Moderator locations are shown with yellow icons. headquarters is representing with a green icon.

Note the following:
  • You may shift the area shown in the map by holding down a mouse button and sliding the mouse.

  • It is possible to zoom in and out on this map by sliding the "volume"-type control. (Do this to distinguish among overlapping member icons.)

  • Click on a balloon to see a popup box containing member name and, in some cases, profile image.

  • Only the locations of the last 100 members to enter their locations are shown.
  • This new map is being discussed in the forums

  • Member Map

    Members found: 1

    * Note: Users showing up in a "star" pattern are listed with the same coordinates. Their balloons have been staggered to increase their visibility.

    If your location is incorrect, you can re-enter it.
    To delete your location, just click this link.

    Note: Google Maps is not compatible with all browsers. It is known to be compatible with Mozilla/Firefox, Microsoft IE 5.5+, Safari and to a limited degree Opera.