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(1) Announcing Buenos Aires 2006 -'s 7th birthday party
(2) Spring forward! spring update completed
(3) Join this week... and wind up in Buenos Aires!
(4) Two important additions to the team
(5) Guides: Getting the most out of
(6) Regional Conference to be held in Berlin in May
(7) Upcoming powwows: Rome, Barcelona, Poznań, Athens, São Pau

(1) Announcing Buenos Aires 2006 -'s 4th international conference, and 7th birthday party
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~'s fourth international conference will be held in Buenos Aires on August 25, 26 and 27. An agenda has been posted, and registrations have begun to be processed.

The conference will feature an impressive lineup of top-shelf speakers, a great group of colleagues, the unforgettable backdrop of Buenos Aires, and finally, commemoration of a very special day:'s seventh birthday! If you love being part of the community, you won't want to miss this very special event. (And we won't want to miss you!)

Early-bird registration is available from now through April 30 (and later for residents of Argentina). Please let us know as soon as possible whether or not you'll be able to make it.

Buenos Aires 2006 - 4th Conference:

(2) Spring forward! spring update completed
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ has just completed a spring update, including:

- Improvement of the look-and-feel of the site
- Conversion of most of the site to Unicode, to allow the simultaneous display of text written in various languages. Remaining character set issues should be reported at
- Modified policies for the Blue Board and job postings area. They will be made *more open*, even as the type of interaction that may lead to working relationships is *restricted more thoroughly* to members.
- Ability for members to sort language pairs according to preference for promotion. Clients will be able to search the directory not only by pairs, but also by the priority given to the pair by the translator.
- Development of a new profile format (beta) that includes an availability calendar, map, and a number of improvements in ease of use and attractiveness. For a beta preview (members only), see:
- Overhaul of the " Exchange". A classified ad network specifically for translators, the Exchange is being used by members to suggest exchanges involving training, language lessons, translation memories, books, lodging and more. See
- General improvement of the site documentation, including two "Getting the most out of" documents and a page linking to all site rules and policies. (See note below.)
- Addition of several new servers to accommodate for visitor traffic, which has tripled over the past year.

For more information on the update see Henry's announcement at

(3) Join this week... and you may wind up in Buenos Aires!

To mark our spring release, we are running a membership promotion. Under this campaign, all those who join this week as full paying members will be entered to win a trip to our Buenos Aires conference in August.

As you may know, our mission at is to provide tools and opportunities for professional translators like you to "network, expand your business, do better work and have more fun." By joining our community--the largest and fastest growing community of professional translators--you are taking a step to enhance your profession, personally and at the industry level. You become part of the community that is driving the profession forward, even as you position your business for growth.

If you have been considering joining our community, now is the time to do so. To join and get a chance to win a trip to Buenos Aires, go to: Payments processed before March 31 are eligible to win.

(Note: One trip has already been won. In the last days of 2005, the thread announced new member Ivan Lajnvas's happy news.)

Buenos Aires membership promotion:

Everybody loves Wordfast, the easy-to-use translation Memory engine available for Microsoft Word (on Macs, too!) The good news for members is that when you buy Wordfast through, you save. Get a license now for the latest version of Wordfast for just 159 euros (savings = 21 euros). Or, if you are not yet a member, when you buy your Wordfast license for the usual price of 180 euros, you get three months of membership free.

(4) New additions to the team: Enrique Cavalitto (of two2tango) and Ariel Sand
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ is proud to announce the addition of two new members to the team: Enrique Cavalitto and Ariel Sand.

Enrique Cavalitto has served for many years as moderator of the Spanish forum. He is also half of the two2tango team. As's new Community Manager, he will oversee the membership program, the moderator program, the forums, offline events, and various other community activities. Over the next few months, he will also accept responsibility for quality control, i.e. ensuring the suitability and quality of new site features upon rollout.

For his part, Ariel Sand will initially be taking on the role of Lead Developer. Ariel most recently served as lead developer for a financial services firm in Seattle, and before that, developed a web program that was used by the government of Washington state to schedule interpreters.

Please welcome Ariel and Enrique to your team in the following thread!

The mission and team:

Due to popular demand, we are running a supplemental 30-unit group purchase of SDL Trados 2006 Freelance. In addition to the software -- which is being made available in this group purchase at the world's best price of $761/ €676 / £472/ ¥102,000 -- you get a free year of membership with your purchase. Your net savings: over 250 usd/eur.

Only 30 units are available, and the round closes Thursday. To take advantage of this offer, join the purchasing group now:

(5) New guides and docs: Getting the most out of

To assist members and site users in getting the most out of, we have published the following documents:

* A guide for *translators* to getting the most out of
* A guide for *outsourcers* to getting the most out of
* A site glossary:
* A new site map:
* A consolidated collection of site rules, policies, guidelines, etc.:

(6) Regional Conference to be held in Berlin in May

A regional conference will be held in Berlin on May 27 and 28. Although the program has not yet been published, already almost a hundred people have expressed interest via the powwow page. Add your name now to stay informed. regional conference in Berlin:

dotSUB - Any Film Any Language - Spend a few minutes
subtitling one of our short films in a language not yet
translated. No subtitling experience, training or software
necessary - any translator or interpreter can do it from any
browser. Send us feedback (good or bad--tell us how we can
improve) and receive $10 (first 25 replies only).

(7) Upcoming powwows: Rome, Barcelona, Poznań, Athens, São Paulo, etc.

Powwows are great opportunities for meeting with old friends and making new ones, for networking and future job cooperations and for having fun. Check below for powwows in your area, or organize one yourself.

To learn more about our powwows, read

25: Montreal (8 members) -
25: Poznań, Poland (24) -
25: Barcelona (33) -
25: Delhi (13) -
25: Lisbon (8) -
25: Nürnberg (7) -
26: Rome (83) -
29: Paris (12) -

1: Vitoria, Spain (15) -
1: Geilenkirchen, Germany (26) -
1: Sète, France (14) -
2: Fort Erie, Canada (1) -
2: Athens (28) -
6: São Paulo (37) -
8: Hilversum, Nether. (18) -
21: Buenos Aires (11) -
23: Westport, CT, USA (9) -
26: Edinburgh (2) -
27: Bucharest (8) -
28: Vienna (13) -

2: Milano (10) -
5: Stuttgart (12) -
6: Brighton, UK (15) -
12: Traslasierra, Argentina (24) -
13: Budapest (22) -
14: Tokyo (10) -
18: Chisinau, Moldova (1) -
18: Valencia, Spain (3) -
20: Ashgabat, Turkmenistan (1) -

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