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English to Chineserelative strength index 相对强弱指数 Economics
English to Chinesefactors of production 生产要素 Economics
English to Chineseblue chip 蓝筹股 Economics
English to Chinesenovation 合约更新 Economics
English to Chineseambiguity 模凌二可 Economics
English to Chineserealization 变现 Economics
English to Chineseoption 期权 Economics
English to Chinesecontingent order 连带委托 Economics
English to Chinesesponsor 赞助商 Economics
English to Chinesemarket volatility index 市场波动指数 Economics
English to ChineseCUSIP 证券统一标识委员会 Economics
English to Chineseintrinsic value 股票价值 Economics
English to Chineseclosing costs 按揭手续费 Economics
English to Chinesecumulative voting 累计投票 Economics
English to Chinesemoney laundering 洗钱 Economics
English to Chinesestatutory voting 法定投票 Economics
English to ChineseRule 144 144规则 Economics
English to Chinesevendor financing 供应商融资 Economics
English to ChineseDow 道指 Economics
English to Chineseblock trade 大宗交易 Economics
English to Chineserealization 实现收入 Economics
English to Chinesecash cow 暴利生意 Economics
English to Chinesetime value of money 货币时间值 Economics
English to Chinesecallable 可赎回的 Economics
English to Chineseoffshore haven 避税场 Economics
English to Chineserandom walk theory 随机行走理论 Economics
English to Chinesecapital intensive 资本密集型 Economics
English to ChinesePrudent Man Rule 谨慎人规则 Economics
English to ChineseInvestment Proposal 投资计划书 Economics
English to Chinesecurrency basket 汇价和 Economics
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