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English to Polisharticle ... section ... item ... art. ... ust. ... pkt. ... Medicine (EN-PL)
English to PolishAV [atrioventricular] block AV blok Medicine (EN-PL)
English to Polishtotal CK CK całkowita Medicine (EN-PL)
English to PolishPostgraduate Medical Education Centre CMKP Medicine (EN-PL)
English to PolishBP CTK Medicine (EN-PL)
English to PolishDWI [Diffusion-Weighted Imaging] DWI Medicine (EN-PL)
English to PolishECG, EKG EKG Medicine (EN-PL)
English to PolishFFP [fresh frozen plasma] FFP Medicine (EN-PL)
English to PolishFLAIR [Long Tau IR] FLAIR Medicine (EN-PL)
English to PolishFRFSE [Fast Recovery FSE] FRFSE Medicine (EN-PL)
English to PolishFSE [Fast Spin Echo] FSE Medicine (EN-PL)
English to PolishGCS [Glasgow Coma Scale] GCS Medicine (EN-PL)
English to PolishHCT [hematocrit] HCT Medicine (EN-PL)
English to PolishHGB [hemoglobin] HGB Medicine (EN-PL)
English to Polishupper respiratory tract infection i.g.d.o. Medicine (EN-PL)
English to Polishadmissions IP Medicine (EN-PL)
English to PolishRPBCs [packed red blood cells] KKCZ Medicine (EN-PL)
English to Polishplatelet concentrate KKP Medicine (EN-PL)
English to Polishmain hospital record ks. gł. Medicine (EN-PL)
English to Polishreg. no. ks. rej. Medicine (EN-PL)
English to Polishmain hospital record number l. ks. gł. Medicine (EN-PL)
English to PolishM.D. lek. med. Medicine (EN-PL)
English to PolishLYMPH [lymphocytes] LYMPH Medicine (EN-PL)
English to PolishMCH [mean corpuscular hemoglobin] MCH Medicine (EN-PL)
English to PolishMCHC [mean corpuscular hemoglobin concentration] MCHC Medicine (EN-PL)
English to PolishMCV [mean corpuscular volume] MCV Medicine (EN-PL)
English to PolishMPV [mean platelet volume] MPV Medicine (EN-PL)
English to PolishMXD% [mixed cell count] MXD Medicine (EN-PL)
English to PolishNEUT [neutrophils] NEUT Medicine (EN-PL)
English to PolishNational Health Fund NFZ Medicine (EN-PL)
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