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LanguagesTermTranslationGlossary name
German to EnglishErtragskraft the power to earn the prfit raghtransint
German to EnglishHerbeiführung bringing about raghtransint
German to EnglishAbzahlungsvereinbarung Instalment payment agreement raghtransint
German to EnglishKlettergarten practice course for climbers or practice crags raghtransint
German to Englishho. Polizeiamhaltezentrum Police detention centre. raghtransint
German to EnglishBeeinflußungsdruck controlling or influencing or affecting pressure raghtransint
German to EnglishCI-Auftritt presentation of career image or identity raghtransint
German to EnglishNachlaßsache matter of the estate (or) testementary cause raghtransint
German to EnglishVerrechnung der Regelabweichung Deviation set-off raghtransint
German to Englishzuflusstag Date of accrual (or) accrual date raghtransint
German to EnglishSchnell'sche Ruestmatrix Schnell's set-up mattrix raghtransint
German to Englishumsalzen double decomposition or ester interchange raghtransint
German to EnglishÜberrügen Typo raghtransint
French to Englishsentence See explanation raghtransint
French to English<br> break raghtransint
German to Englishgutschweizerisch exquisitely Swiss raghtransint
German to EnglishLenze Lenze raghtransint
German to EnglishTaschen-Zapfen-Verbindung mortise and tenon joint raghtransint
German to EnglishVorschreibung stipulations or prescriptions or specifications (of the client) raghtransint
German to EnglishWürzelstifte und Wurzelfüllstifte Filler pin and root filler raghtransint
German to EnglishAnschlagart kind of limit stop raghtransint
German to EnglishPolymechaniker multi-skilled mechanic raghtransint
German to Englishrechtliche vs. tatsächliche Einsezbarkeit de jure vs de facto employability raghtransint
German to EnglishAn ihr sind parallel sie angeschlossen They are connected in parallel to it raghtransint
German to EnglishZweckoptimismus, Zweckpessimismus calculated optimism, calculated pessimism raghtransint
German to EnglishVorbereitungs-/ Antragspflicht Rights and duties pertaining to the preparation and application raghtransint
German to EnglishEinpressen press-in (or) push-in (connector strip) raghtransint
German to EnglishLagesinn sense of position raghtransint
German to English...wenn man den vorhergehenden Vokal kurz und einen normalen deutschen 1 Konsonanten anfuegt. ..if the preceding vowel is added in the short form along with a normal German l consonant raghtransint
German to Englishdie Liebe größer schreiben write love in capital letters (LOVE) raghtransint
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