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LanguagesTermTranslationGlossary name
French to Portuguesedégagement d'office anulaçao automatica audit
French to Portugueseavis parecer audit
French to Portugueseajournement adiamento audit
French to Portugueseappel à projet convocatoria de projectos audit
French to Portugueseatouts pontos fortes audit
French to Portugueseavances adiantamentos audit
French to Portugueseavances adiantamentos audit
French to Portuguesedemande d'accompte pedido por conta audit
French to Portugueseevaluation mi-parcous avaliaçao intercalar audit
French to Portugueseporteur de projet promotor de projecto audit
French to Portuguesepaiement d'accompte pagamento por conta audit
French to Portuguesepiste d'audit pista de controlo audit
French to Portugueseprocédure de paiement pagamento audit
French to Portugueserecouvrement des indus recuperaçao dos montantes pagos indevidamente audit
French to Portuguesebroyeuse fragmentador audit