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English to LatinTruth conquers all things Vincit omnia veritas P.C.Baldwin's
Latin to Englishabeunt studia in mores practices zealously pursued pass into habits P.C.Baldwin's
Latin to EnglishNon sum qualis eram I am not what I used to be P.C.Baldwin's
Latin to EnglishForsan et haec olim meminisse juvabit Some day perhaps we will look back at this and even ssmile P.C.Baldwin's
Latin to Englishex pede herculem from the part we see the whole P.C.Baldwin's
Latin to Englishensepetit placidam sublibertate quietem with the sword she seeks calm repose under liberty P.C.Baldwin's
Latin to EnglishO tempora, O mores Oh the times, Oh the manners! P.C.Baldwin's
Latin to EnglishMedio tutissimus ibis You will go more safely by the middle course P.C.Baldwin's
Latin to Englishnatura non facit saltum nature makes no leap P.C.Baldwin's
Latin to Englishquis custodiet ipsos custodes? who will keep the keepers themselves? P.C.Baldwin's
Latin to Englishtruditur dies die one day hurries onto another P.C.Baldwin's
Latin to Englishtempus fugit time flies P.C.Baldwin's
Latin to EnglishQuis separabit? Who shall separate us? P.C.Baldwin's
Latin to Englishnovus ordo seclorum a new cycle of the ages P.C.Baldwin's
Latin to Englishnon sans droict not without right P.C.Baldwin's
Latin to EnglishEureka I have found it P.C.Baldwin's
Latin to EnglishNo one attacks me with impunity Nemo me impune lacessit P.C.Baldwin's

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