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Spanish to Englishtrasnochadas lecturas read till the wee hours of the morning Patricia C.S. Literary
Spanish to Englishtrasnochadas lecturas read till the wee hours of the morning Patricia C.S. Literary
English to SpanishPry woman from man Arrancar a la mujer del lado del hombre. Patricia C.S. Literary
Latinex pede Herculem from the foot we recognize Hercules/from a part we may judge the whole. Patricia C.S. Literary
English to Spanishwill of the wisp o fuego fatuo fuego fatuo Patricia C.S. Literary
SpanishOso Plateado Constelaciondel Norte : Osa Mayor, de Tolkien, Patricia C.S. Literary
Englishpolisemy and homonimy Polysemy and Homonymy Patricia C.S. Literary
English to LatinPractices zealously pursued pass into habits abeunt studia in mores Patricia C.S. Literary
Spanish to EnglishDr Seuss: Anedas Dr Seuss : Anecdotes Patricia C.S. Literary
Spanish to English...y no le das la espalda Y bailan un tango and you do not turn your back on it. And you do the tango for two. Patricia C.S. Literary
Spanish to Englishfrase Ainara strenghtened that americanizing kinship and she li became involved, in her own right, with t Patricia C.S. Literary
English to Spanishpick-me-up (aquí) sentirme una reina/darme un lujo/ Patricia C.S. Literary
English to Spanishfalls in your lap Como por arte de magia Patricia C.S. Literary
Spanish to EnglishACLARATORIA literary detours, drifting, rambling; grasping for words Patricia C.S. Literary
Spanish to EnglishVEZINO resident Patricia C.S. Literary
Spanish to / ee.ii. upper extremities lower extremities  Patricia C.S. Literary
Spanish to Englishplanchón Ferry Patricia C.S. Literary

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