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English to SpanishAct myself around Ser yo misma Patricia C.S. Language
English to SpanishRough Cuts Primeras tomas/Tomas en crudo /Preliminares Patricia C.S. Language
English to Spanishrough cuts Tomas sin edición/primeras tomas/preliminares Patricia C.S. Language
English to Spanishout of one`s element como sapo de otro pozo Patricia C.S. Language
Latin to Englishquis separabit?  who shall separate us? motto of the Order of St. Patrick Patricia C.S. Language
English to Latinsome day perhaps we will even look back at this and smile forsan et haec olim meminisse juvabit. Patricia C.S. Language
Spanish to Englishmultitud de lugares a wealth of places/ many places/several places/ a myriad of places Patricia C.S. Language
English to SpanishKoen and Koyao Chinese ceramic ware/Japanese:distance from far below Patricia C.S. Language
English to SpanishHigh (painting) brillo, luminosidad de una pintura Patricia C.S. Language
English to Spanishguess Adivinar Patricia C.S. Language
Spanish to Englishcanto del ave: bicho feo bicho feo... Did he do it? Did he do it? Patricia C.S. Language
Englishchristmas carols with animals The Friendly BeastsGood Christian Friends Rejoice, the Carol of the Birds,Away in a Manger Patricia C.S. Language
English to Spanishriver eddy whirls las aguas del rio se arremolinan veloces. Tennyson Patricia C.S. Language
Englishphrase: love & ring Love is like a ring and a ring is unending. Patricia C.S. Language
Englishlove is like a ring and a ring is unending el amor es como un anillo y un anillo no tiene fin Patricia C.S. Language
SpanishOso Plateado Constelacion del norte: Osa Mayor. Tolkien Patricia C.S. Language
Spanishgénero Genero:no es usual pero es correctoal referirse a personas, mas usual es: sexo femenino o masculino Patricia C.S. Language
English to Spanishmuzzled, trapped, hectored acallado, arrinconado, agredido Patricia C.S. Language
English to Spanishchildren's books Dr Seuss Los 500 sombreros de Bartolomè Cubbins/Yo Soy Juan/Huevos Verdes con Jamon Patricia C.S. Language
Sanskrit to Spanishbhega kriya sarnangasana la gaviota y la vela (Yoga) Patricia C.S. Language
English to Spanishespiritu reindicativo ojo por ojo ,la ley del talión/ mente, ánimo o espíritu vengativo Patricia C.S. Language
English to LatinWith a sword he looks for easy repose under liberty ensepetit placidam sublibertate quietem: with the sword she seeks calm repose under liberty Massachusetts motto Patricia C.S. Language
English to Spanishquit is to gaze intensely upon evadirse es como quedarse como absorto en/embobado.. Patricia C.S. Language
English to Spanishchucking/ tag along abandonar/seguir a Patricia C.S. Language
Spanish to English...y no le das la espalda and you do not turn your back on it and you do the tango for two. Y bailan un tango Patricia C.S. Language
Spanish to Englishy bailan el tango and you do the tango for two Patricia C.S. Language
Spanish to Englishnaturaleza muerta holandesa flemish still-life Patricia C.S. Language
English to SpanishI was welcome to share their hadrd fare /who sent mouths se me ofrecio parte de sus magros alimentos/sustento / quien enviaba una boca mas Patricia C.S. Language
EnglishKeeshond  Keeshond.. a dog breed ... Patricia C.S. Language
Spanish to Englishcaballo horses (commodities) Patricia C.S. Language
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