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LanguagesTermTranslationGlossary name
Spanish to EnglishDilucidar Disclose (Legal Context) Patricia C.S. Law
English to SpanishSinkhole Attorneys Abogados especialistas en Indemnizaciòn/Seguros por Hundimiento de terreno propio. Patricia C.S. Law
Spanish to EnglishMomentos Instances Patricia C.S. Law
English to SpanishI have hereunto set my hand He Puesto Mi Firma al piè del presente/estampo mi firma en el presente Patricia C.S. Law
English to SpanishKnow all men by these presents. Sépase/conste por la presente Patricia C.S. Law
Spanish to Englishsin admitir prueba en contrario against all evidence to the contrary/contrary to fact Patricia C.S. Law
Spanish to Englishss / cc/ tv ss:that is to say/cc: Civil Code/t.v.Volume Five Patricia C.S. Law
Spanish to EnglishLetra Fiscal Fiscal Letters Patricia C.S. Law

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