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English to SpanishLimited service listing agreement Contrato de servicio de venta limitada Patricia C.S. Business/Marketing
Spanish to English1 inch 1 pulgada = 2.54 centìmetors Patricia C.S. Business/Marketing
English to Spanishinternet candy pop ups con publicidad y/o notas de interès Patricia C.S. Business/Marketing
English to Spanishdelivery Despacho/Entrega Patricia C.S. Business/Marketing
English to Spanisha recreational garden: create a natural haven reserva natural/santuario natural Patricia C.S. Business/Marketing
Spanish to Englishrevisadora tester Patricia C.S. Business/Marketing
Spanish to EnglishOperarios MOD / Operarios MOI Direct or Indirect labor workers/DL workers IL workers Patricia C.S. Business/Marketing

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