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Spanish to Englishtrasnochadas lecturas read till the wee hours of the morning P.C.Baldwin's
Latin to Englishnemo me impune lacessit /Eureka, mottoes No one attacks me with impunity,Scotland & the Order of the Thistle motto /Eureka:I have found it, the state of California motto P.C.Baldwin's
English to Spanishquit is to gaze intensely upon evadirse es como quedarse como absorto en/embobado.. P.C.Baldwin's
English to Spanishmesses enchastres P.C.Baldwin's
English to Spanishthen felt I like some watcher of the skies, when a new planet swims into his ken Entonces fui como un explorador delcielo inmenso cuando un nuevo planeta nada en las alturas P.C.Baldwin's
Spanish to English amontonarme con la manada ...lumping me with the common herd P.C.Baldwin's
Spanish to Englishesa fue el momento en que me luci that was my finest hour P.C.Baldwin's
Spanish to Englishtanto lo efímero como lo eterno. the fleeting and the eternal P.C.Baldwin's
English to Spanishof reason-disbeliever in hijo de la razón, un no creyente P.C.Baldwin's
English to Spanishto ease herself uo to a sitting position a)ya se incorporaba para sentarse P.C.Baldwin's
English to Spanishpull chummy over just for the hell of it Arruinaré todo por puro placer/porque se me da la gana. P.C.Baldwin's
English to Spanishtext of letters a) texto de cartas b) correspodiente a cartas o misivas P.C.Baldwin's
Spanish to Englishconcluyó lapidario 1. Stated Bluntly/sharply/curt or 2. closed with the following cutting comment /words P.C.Baldwin's

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