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English to Chineseprimer 引物  medicine/chemistry&biology2
English to Chineseprimer binding site 引物结合位点  medicine/chemistry&biology2
English to Chineseprimer dimer 引物二聚体  medicine/chemistry&biology2
English to Chineseprimeverose 樱草糖  medicine/chemistry&biology2
English to Chineseprimigravida 初孕妇  medicine/chemistry&biology2
English to Chinesepriming 引发,引导  medicine/chemistry&biology2
English to Chineseprimipara 初产妇  medicine/chemistry&biology2
English to Chineseprimipara with floating head 初产头浮  medicine/chemistry&biology2
English to Chineseprimitive graphic 基本图形  medicine/chemistry&biology2
English to Chineseprimitive lattice 简单点阵  medicine/chemistry&biology2
English to Chineseprimitive streak 原条  medicine/chemistry&biology2
English to Chineseprimitive type 基本类型  medicine/chemistry&biology2
English to Chineseprimordial follicle 始基卵泡  medicine/chemistry&biology2
English to Chineseprimordial germ cell 原生殖细胞  medicine/chemistry&biology2
English to Chineseprimordium 原基  medicine/chemistry&biology2
English to Chineseprimosome 引发体  medicine/chemistry&biology2
English to Chineseprinted circuit board (PCB) 印制电路板(PCB)  medicine/chemistry&biology2
English to Chineseprinter 打印机  medicine/chemistry&biology2
English to Chineseprinter queue 打印排队  medicine/chemistry&biology2
English to Chineseprint job 打印作业  medicine/chemistry&biology2
English to ChinesePRINT JOB CONTROL 打印作业控制  medicine/chemistry&biology2
English to ChinesePrint Job Control 打印作业控制  medicine/chemistry&biology2
English to Chineseprint preview 打印预览  medicine/chemistry&biology2
English to ChinesePRINT SCREEN 打印屏幕  medicine/chemistry&biology2
English to Chineseprint setup 打印设置  medicine/chemistry&biology2
English to Chineseprion 朊病毒,感染性蛋白质  medicine/chemistry&biology2
English to ChinesePriority Review 优先审查  medicine/chemistry&biology2
English to Chineseprior notice interim final rule 事先通告暂行最终规则  medicine/chemistry&biology2
English to Chinesepristane 降植烷  medicine/chemistry&biology2
English to Chineseprobation 缓刑  medicine/chemistry&biology2
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