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English to Chineseabrasion 磨耗;磨蚀  Architecture&engineering
English to Chineseabrasive cut-off machine 磨切机  Architecture&engineering
English to Chineseabrasive grinding machine 磨机(火石机)  Architecture&engineering
English to Chineseabrasive particle  Architecture&engineering
English to Chineseabsorption 吸收  Architecture&engineering
English to Chineseabutment 桥台;拱座  Architecture&engineering
English to Chineseabutting end 邻接端  Architecture&engineering
English to Chineseacceleration 加速  Architecture&engineering
English to Chineseacceleration lane 加速车道  Architecture&engineering
English to Chineseacceleration pedal 加速器踏板  Architecture&engineering
English to Chineseaccelerator 催凝剂;加速器;催化剂  Architecture&engineering
English to Chineseacceptance criteria 接受准则  Architecture&engineering
English to Chineseaccess 通路;通道  Architecture&engineering
English to Chineseaccess door 检修门;通道门  Architecture&engineering
English to Chineseaccessible roof 可到达的屋顶;有通道的屋顶  Architecture&engineering
English to Chineseaccess lane 进出路径  Architecture&engineering
English to Chineseaccessory 附件;配件  Architecture&engineering
English to Chineseaccess panel 检修门  Architecture&engineering
English to Chineseaccess point 入口处;出入通道处  Architecture&engineering
English to Chineseaccess ramp 入口坡道;斜通道  Architecture&engineering
English to Chineseaccess road 通路;通道  Architecture&engineering
English to Chineseaccess shaft 竖井通道  Architecture&engineering
English to Chineseaccess spiral loop 螺旋式回旋通道  Architecture&engineering
English to Chineseaccess staircase 通道楼梯  Architecture&engineering
English to Chineseaccess step 上落踏板;出入踏板  Architecture&engineering
English to Chineseaccess tunnel 隧道通道  Architecture&engineering
English to Chineseaccident 事故;意外  Architecture&engineering
English to Chineseaccidental collapse 意外坍塌  Architecture&engineering
English to Chineseaccommodate 装设;容纳  Architecture&engineering
English to Chineseaccredited private laboratory 认可私营实验室  Architecture&engineering
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