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English to ChineseMachining allowances and tolerances for steel open dle forgings on hammer--Single throw crankshaft 锤上钢质自由锻件机械加工余量与公差 单拐曲轴类  Mechanical&enginnering2
English to ChineseMachining centres--Safeguarding specification 加工中心 安全防护技术条件  Mechanical&enginnering2
English to ChineseMach number 马赫数  Mechanical&enginnering2
English to Chinesemacro analysis 常量分析  Mechanical&enginnering2
English to Chinesemacroassembly language 宏汇编语言  Mechanical&enginnering2
English to Chinesemacro-economic model 宏观经济模型  Mechanical&enginnering2
English to Chinesemacro-economic system 宏观经济系统  Mechanical&enginnering2
English to Chinesemacro instruction 宏指令  Mechanical&enginnering2
English to Chinesemagentrol 磁放大器  Mechanical&enginnering2
English to Chinesemagnet 磁铁  Mechanical&enginnering2
English to Chinesemagnet assembly 磁体  Mechanical&enginnering2
English to Chinesemagnet dynamic instrument 磁式动态仪器  Mechanical&enginnering2
English to Chinesemagnetic analyzer 磁分析器  Mechanical&enginnering2
English to Chinesemagnetic balance 磁秤  Mechanical&enginnering2
English to Chinesemagnetic card 磁卡  Mechanical&enginnering2
English to ChineseMagnetic characteristics of interchangeable magnetic eleven-disk pack 十一片可换磁盘组的磁性能  Mechanical&enginnering2
English to ChineseMagnetic characteristics of interchangeable magnetic single disk cartridge (top loaded) 顶装式单片可换盒式磁盘的磁性能  Mechanical&enginnering2
English to ChineseMagnetic characteristics of interchangeable magnetic six-disk pack 六片可换磁盘组的磁性能  Mechanical&enginnering2
English to Chinesemagnetic core 磁心  Mechanical&enginnering2
English to Chinesemagnetic damper 磁性阻尼器  Mechanical&enginnering2
English to Chinesemagnetic deflection 磁偏转  Mechanical&enginnering2
English to Chinesemagnetic detector for lightning currents 闪电电流磁检示器  Mechanical&enginnering2
English to Chinesemagnetic disc 磁盘  Mechanical&enginnering2
English to Chinesemagnetic domain attachment 磁畴附件  Mechanical&enginnering2
English to Chinesemagnetic drum 磁鼓  Mechanical&enginnering2
English to Chinesemagnetic field 磁场  Mechanical&enginnering2
English to Chinesemagnetic field meter 磁场计  Mechanical&enginnering2
English to Chinesemagnetic field strength transducer[sensor] 磁场强度传感器  Mechanical&enginnering2
English to Chinesemagnetic flaw detection ink 磁悬液  Mechanical&enginnering2
English to Chinesemagnetic flow transducer 磁性流量传感器  Mechanical&enginnering2
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