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English to Norwegian(Bokmal)gratuity tips TT - ORB
English to Norwegian(Bokmal)drinks drikkevarer, drinker TT - ORB
English to Norwegian(Bokmal)high speed internet høyhastighets internett TT - ORB
English to Norwegian(Bokmal)complete fullfør TT - ORB
English to Norwegian(Bokmal)sweet rolls småboller TT - ORB
English to Norwegian(Bokmal)domestic nasjonal, lokal TT - ORB
English to Norwegian(Bokmal)token polett TT - ORB
English to Norwegian(Bokmal)towel service utskiftning av håndkle TT - ORB
English to Norwegian(Bokmal)board kost TT - ORB
English to Norwegian(Bokmal)half board halvpensjon TT - ORB
English to Norwegian(Bokmal)country breakfast bondefrokost TT - ORB
English to Norwegian(Bokmal)evening reception kveldsmottagelse TT - ORB
English to Norwegian(Bokmal)occupancy antall personer per rom TT - ORB
English to Norwegian(Bokmal)lodging losji TT - ORB
English to Norwegian(Bokmal)all-inclusive alt er inkludert TT - ORB
English to Norwegian(Bokmal)rate rompris TT - ORB
English to Norwegian(Bokmal)turndown romklargjøring TT - ORB
English to Norwegian(Bokmal)fascility fasilitet TT - ORB
English to Norwegian(Bokmal)inner patio innvendig atrium, lukket gårdsplass TT - ORB
English to Norwegian(Bokmal)Wifi trådløst nettverk TT - ORB
English to Norwegian(Bokmal)offsite på et annet sted TT - ORB
English to Norwegian(Bokmal)all-suite all-suite TT - ORB
English to Norwegian(Bokmal)stay opphold TT - ORB
English to Norwegian(Bokmal)laundry vaskeritjenester TT - ORB
English to Norwegian(Bokmal)dry cleaning renseritjenester TT - ORB
English to Norwegian(Bokmal)branded av godt merke TT - ORB
English to Norwegian(Bokmal)promotion tilbud TT - ORB
English to Norwegian(Bokmal)condo leilighet TT - ORB
English to Norwegian(Bokmal)show forestilling TT - ORB
English to Norwegian(Bokmal)to stay å tilbringe TT - ORB
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