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English to Norwegian(Bokmal)URL nettadresse GEN
English to Norwegian(Bokmal)plug-in programtillegg GEN
English to Norwegian(Bokmal)naitivity scene julekrybbe GEN
English to Norwegian(Bokmal)alumni tidligere elever GEN
English to Norwegian(Bokmal)extended hours forlengede åpningstider GEN
English to Norwegian(Bokmal)guide dog førerhund GEN
English to Norwegian(Bokmal)anger management aggresjonsmestring GEN
English to Norwegian(Bokmal)list oppføre GEN
English to Norwegian(Bokmal)en dash tankestrek GEN
English to Norwegian(Bokmal)market square torg GEN
English to Norwegian(Bokmal)title betegnelse, tittel GEN
English to Norwegian(Bokmal)legend tegnforklaring GEN
English to Norwegian(Bokmal)indicate angi, indikere GEN
English to Norwegian(Bokmal)ensure påse GEN
English to Norwegian(Bokmal)sweet rolls småboller GEN
English to Norwegian(Bokmal)pastry bakervarer GEN
English to Norwegian(Bokmal)easy chair lenestol GEN
English to Norwegian(Bokmal)utensils bestikk GEN
English to Norwegian(Bokmal)chaise lounge sjeselong GEN
English to Norwegian(Bokmal)touch detalj GEN
English to Norwegian(Bokmal)submit send GEN
English to Norwegian(Bokmal)options alternativer, valgmuligheter, valg GEN
English to Norwegian(Bokmal)solution væske, løsning, oppløsning GEN
English to Norwegian(Bokmal)cover deksel GEN
English to Norwegian(Bokmal)design konstruere, designe, utforme GEN
English to Norwegian(Bokmal)assembly montering GEN
English to Norwegian(Bokmal)moving parts bevegelige deler GEN
English to Norwegian(Bokmal)controller håndkontroll GEN
English to Norwegian(Bokmal)load laste GEN
English to Norwegian(Bokmal)cancel avbryt GEN
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