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English to Norwegian(Bokmal)newsletter informasjonsblad JCI
English to Norwegian(Bokmal)general manager direktør JCI
English to Norwegian(Bokmal)variable speed drive (VSD) drivenhet med variabel hastighet JCI
English to Norwegian(Bokmal)creed bedriftserklæring JCI
English to Norwegian(Bokmal)compliance training overholdelsesopplæring JCI
English to Norwegian(Bokmal)retrofit ombygge, modifisere, oppruste JCI
English to Norwegian(Bokmal)COP virkningsgrad JCI
English to Norwegian(Bokmal)NGO ikke-statlige organisasjoner JCI
English to Norwegian(Bokmal)chiller kjøler JCI
English to Norwegian(Bokmal)chilled water kjølevann JCI
English to Norwegian(Bokmal)refrigerant kuldemedium JCI
English to Norwegian(Bokmal)air-cooled luftkjølt JCI
English to Norwegian(Bokmal)ISAC integrert standard automatiseringskonsept JCI
English to Norwegian(Bokmal)performance contract prestasjonskontrakt JCI

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