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English to Norwegian(Bokmal)carry-on håndbagasje TT - USA
English to Norwegian(Bokmal)flight flyvning, flytur TT - USA
English to Norwegian(Bokmal)intermediate stop mellomlanding TT - USA
English to Norwegian(Bokmal)boarding pass boardingkort TT - USA
English to Norwegian(Bokmal)waiver fritakelse TT - USA
English to Norwegian(Bokmal)gate utgang TT - USA
English to Norwegian(Bokmal)flight crew flybesetning, kabinpersonale TT - USA
English to Norwegian(Bokmal)scheduled flight ruteflyvning TT - USA
English to Norwegian(Bokmal)concourse ankomsthall TT - USA
English to Norwegian(Bokmal)boarding ombordstigning TT - USA
English to Norwegian(Bokmal)declare tilkjennegi, oppgi TT - USA
English to Norwegian(Bokmal)non stop flight flyvning uten mellomlandinger TT - USA
English to Norwegian(Bokmal)accidental damage tilfeldig skade TT - USA
English to Norwegian(Bokmal)diversion omflyvning, ruteforandring TT - USA
English to Norwegian(Bokmal)stowe oppbevare, stue TT - USA
English to Norwegian(Bokmal)service animal servicedyr TT - USA
English to Norwegian(Bokmal)pre-assigned seating forhåndstildelte seter TT - USA
English to Norwegian(Bokmal)ticketing billettering TT - USA
English to Norwegian(Bokmal)stopover reiseopphold TT - USA
English to Norwegian(Bokmal)release form skjema om ansvarsbegrensning TT - USA
English to Norwegian(Bokmal)assess kreve TT - USA
English to Norwegian(Bokmal)irregular operations forsinkelser, kansellering og omflyvninger TT - USA
English to Norwegian(Bokmal)codeshare kodedeling TT - USA
English to Norwegian(Bokmal)designator code selskapskode TT - USA
English to Norwegian(Bokmal)flight number flynummer TT - USA
English to Norwegian(Bokmal)reservation agent bestillingsagent TT - USA
English to Norwegian(Bokmal)delivered, checked into custody overlevert TT - USA
English to Norwegian(Bokmal)point of origin avreisested TT - USA
English to Norwegian(Bokmal)waiver frafallelse TT - USA
English to Norwegian(Bokmal)(flight) crewmembers kabinansatte TT - USA
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