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English to Norwegian(Bokmal)direct mail reklameutsendelse MPR
English to Norwegian(Bokmal)co-marketing campaign playbook strategier for felles markedsføringskampanje MPR
English to Norwegian(Bokmal)ad template annonsemal MPR
English to Norwegian(Bokmal)copy block kopieringsblokk MPR
English to Norwegian(Bokmal)direct mail reklameutsendelse MPR
English to Norwegian(Bokmal)advertorial reklametekst MPR
English to Norwegian(Bokmal)advertiser annonsør MPR
English to Norwegian(Bokmal)author produsere MPR
English to Norwegian(Bokmal)limited version begrenset opplag MPR
English to Norwegian(Bokmal)embody leve opp til MPR
English to Norwegian(Bokmal)commemorative badge jubileumsmerke MPR
English to Norwegian(Bokmal)compromising gå på beskostning av MPR
English to Norwegian(Bokmal)affordable prisgunstig MPR
English to Norwegian(Bokmal)impression visning MPR
English to Norwegian(Bokmal)audience målgruppe MPR
English to Norwegian(Bokmal)audience targeting brukermålretting MPR
English to Norwegian(Bokmal)target sikte inn mot MPR
English to Norwegian(Bokmal)option alternativ, valgmulighet MPR
English to Norwegian(Bokmal)brand favourability (positivt) varemerkeinntrykk MPR
English to Norwegian(Bokmal)measures målestokker MPR
English to Norwegian(Bokmal)high impact som har stor påvirkningskraft MPR
English to Norwegian(Bokmal)channel partner forhandler MPR
English to Norwegian(Bokmal)rewards program fordelsprogram MPR

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