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LanguagesTermTranslationGlossary name
English to Norwegian(Bokmal)hostel herberge TT - HB
English to Norwegian(Bokmal)budget rimelig TT - HB
English to Norwegian(Bokmal)review anmeldelse TT - HB
English to Norwegian(Bokmal)customer rating kunderangering TT - HB
English to Norwegian(Bokmal)booking fee bestillingsavgift TT - HB
English to Norwegian(Bokmal)backpacker ryggsekkturist TT - HB
English to Norwegian(Bokmal)locker skap TT - HB
English to Norwegian(Bokmal)shared room fellesrom, delt rom TT - HB
English to Norwegian(Bokmal)dorm, dormitory sovesal TT - HB
English to Norwegian(Bokmal)self-catering selvhusholdning TT - HB
English to Norwegian(Bokmal)en suite rom med eget bad TT - HB
English to Norwegian(Bokmal)service apartment selvbetjent leilighet TT - HB

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