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English to Koreancumulative producing GOR 누적생산 가스-오일  Petrochemical
English to Koreaninitial solution GOR 최초용해 가스-오일  Petrochemical
English to Koreaninstantaneous producing GOR 순간생산 가스-오일  Petrochemical
English to Koreanproducing GOR 생산 가스-오일비  Petrochemical
English to Koreansolution GOR 용해 가스-오일비  Petrochemical
English to Korean~ drive 추진법  Petrochemical
English to Koreanabandoned well 폐기정, 포기정  Petrochemical
English to Koreanabandonment condition 폐기상태, 포기상태  Petrochemical
English to Koreanabandonment gas-oil ratio 폐기 가스-오일비  Petrochemical
English to Koreanabandonment pressure 폐기 압력, 포기압력  Petrochemical
English to Koreanabandonment water-oil ratio 폐기 물-오일비  Petrochemical
English to Koreanabnormal pressure 이상압력  Petrochemical
English to Koreanabnormal pressure formation 이상압력 지층  Petrochemical
English to Koreanabsolute open flow 절대 개방 유동  Petrochemical
English to Koreanabsolute permeability 절대유체투과도  Petrochemical
English to Koreanabsolute porosity 절대공극률  Petrochemical
English to Koreanacid # 산가, 산 번호  Petrochemical
English to Koreanacid gas 산성가스  Petrochemical
English to Koreanacid treatment 산처리  Petrochemical
English to Koreanacoustic type alignment indicator 음파형 정렬지시계  Petrochemical
English to Koreanactive dispersed phase 활성 분산상  Petrochemical
English to Koreanada mud 아다이수  Petrochemical
English to Koreanadhesion force 부착력, 접착력  Petrochemical
English to Koreanadhesion tension 부착장력, 접착장력  Petrochemical
English to Koreanadjacent bed effect 인접지층효과  Petrochemical
English to Koreanadsorbed layers 흡착층  Petrochemical
English to Koreanair drilling 공기시추  Petrochemical
English to Koreanair injection 공기주입  Petrochemical
English to Koreanair permeability 공기 투과율  Petrochemical
English to Koreanalignment indicator 정렬 지시계  Petrochemical
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