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English to Chinese"formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded (FFPE)" 福尔马林固定、石蜡包埋 (FFPE) Lifesciences
English to Chinese?IEF - Isoelectric Focusing Gel IEF - 等电聚焦凝胶 Lifesciences
English to Chinese?Protein spot info/Protein Spot Information 蛋白质点信息 Lifesciences
English to ChineseAAALAC accreditation AAALAC 认证 Lifesciences
English to ChineseAPC APC Lifesciences
English to ChineseASR/GMP ASR/GMP Lifesciences
English to ChineseAccessories 辅助试剂 Lifesciences
English to ChineseAlk Phos MSCs Alk Phos MSC Lifesciences
English to ChineseAlpha-catenin in HeLa human cervical cancer cells 人宫颈癌 HeLa 细胞中的 α-连结蛋白 (Alpha-catenin) Lifesciences
English to ChineseAlpha-catenin in HeLa human cervical cancer cells 人宫颈癌 HeLa 细胞中的 α-连结蛋白(?Alpha-catenin) Lifesciences
English to ChineseAnalyte Specific Reagent (ASR) 分析物特异性试剂 (ASR) Lifesciences
English to ChineseBCA BCA Lifesciences
English to ChineseBODIPY BODIPY Lifesciences
English to ChineseBinding and Wash (B&W) 结合和洗脱 (B&W) Lifesciences
English to ChineseBioPrime Total Genomic Labeling System BioPrime Total 基因组标记系统 Lifesciences
English to ChineseBioSource Application Handbooks BioSource 应用手册 Lifesciences
English to ChineseBiotin-XX Biotin-XX Lifesciences
English to ChineseBlocking Solution 封闭液 Lifesciences
English to ChineseBuccal swabs 颊黏膜拭子 Lifesciences
English to ChineseCFA CFA Lifesciences
English to ChineseCISH CISH Lifesciences
English to ChineseCapillary Electrophoresis (CE) 毛细管电泳 (CE) Lifesciences
English to ChineseCatalog number 目录号 Lifesciences
English to ChineseCatalog number 目录号 Lifesciences
English to ChineseCertificate of Analysis 质量证书 Lifesciences
English to ChineseChloramphenicol Acetyltransferase 氯霉素乙酰基转移酶 Lifesciences
English to ChineseChromatin Immunoprecipitation (ChIP) 染色质免疫沉淀反应 (ChIP) Lifesciences
English to ChineseClean-Up 纯化 Lifesciences
English to ChineseClone Collections 克隆库 Lifesciences
English to ChineseClone Collections 克隆集合 Lifesciences
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