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English to ChineseChina Biological Products Standards 中国生物制品规程 GCP
English to ChineseDrug Administration Law of PRC 中华人民共和国药品管理法 GCP
English to Chineseinternational commonly-used pharmacopoeia 国际通用药典 GCP
English to ChineseNational Drug Standard 国家药品标准 GCP
English to ChinesePatent Law of PRC 中华人民共和国专利法 GCP
English to ChinesePharmacopoeia of PRC 中华人民共和国药典 GCP
English to ChineseRegulation for the Approval of New Drugs 新药审批办法 GCP
English to ChineseRegulation for the Protection and Technology Transfer 新药保护和技术转让的规定 GCP
English to ChineseRegulation for the Administration of Good Clinical Practice 药品临床试验管理规范 GCP
English to ChineseRegulation of TCM Protection 中药品种保护条例 GCP
English to ChineseState Standard 国家标准 GCP
English to ChineseTemporary Regulation on Drugs Covered by Basic Medical Insurance of Urban and Township Employees 城镇职工基本医疗保险用药范围管理暂行办法 GCP
English to Chinesea supplementary application 补充申请 GCP
English to Chineseclassification protection system 分类保护制度 GCP
English to ChineseDrug Manufacturing License 药品生产企业许可证 GCP
English to ChineseDrug GMP Certificate 药品GMP证书 GCP
English to ChineseDrug Operation License 药品经营企业许可证 GCP
English to ChineseDeclaration Form for Import Drug Inspection 进口药品报验单 GCP
English to ChineseDrug Product License 医药产品注册证 GCP
English to ChineseImport Drug License 进口药品注册证 GCP
English to Chineseletter of patent 药品专利证明文件 GCP
English to ChineseNew Drug Certificate 新药证书 GCP
English to ChineseCoastal Institutes for Drug Control 口岸药品检验所 GCP
English to ChineseChinese Medicine Administration Bureau 中医药局 GCP
English to Chinesedrug administration bureaus 药品监督管理局 GCP
English to ChineseInstitute for the Control of Pharmaceuticals and 省级药品检验所 GCP
English to ChineseMinistry of Labor and Social Security 劳动保障部 GCP
English to ChineseMinistry of Health 卫生部 GCP
English to ChineseMinistry of Finance 财政部 GCP
English to Chineseprovincial drug supervision authorities 省级药品监督管理部门 GCP
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