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English to Chinesefertility transition 生育(率)转变 Demography
English to Chinesereproductive behavior 生育行为 Demography
English to Chinesereproductive strategizing 生育策略 Demography
English to Chineseretrospective fertility 回顾性生育(率) Demography
English to Chinesesingle-year age-sex distribution 单岁年龄-性别分布 Demography
English to Chinesefemale infanticide 溺女婴 Demography
English to Chineseage cohort 年龄同期群 Demography
English to Chinesebirth cohort 出生同期群 Demography
English to Chineseperiod parity progression ratio 时期胎次递进比 Demography
English to Chinesebirth history reconstruction 生育史重构 Demography
English to Chinesespatial analysis 空间分析 Demography
English to Chineseregional space 区域空间 Demography
English to Chineseregional analysis 区域分析 Demography
English to ChineseGeographic Information Systems 地理信息系统 Demography
English to Chinesecentral place analysis 中心地分析 Demography
English to Chinesecentral place theory 中心地理论 Demography
English to Chineselocation theory 定位理论 Demography
English to Chineseregional systems theory 区域系统理论 Demography
English to Chinesediffusion theory 扩散理论 Demography
English to Chinesehinterland 辐射区(域) Demography
English to Chinesemaximal hinterland 最大辐射区(域) Demography
English to Chinesewider (extended) hinterland 较远辐射区(域) Demography
English to Chineseimmediate hinterland 强辐射区(域) Demography
English to Chineseurban system 城市系统 Demography
English to Chinesecity 城市 Demography
English to Chinesemunicipality 市 Demography
English to Chinesezhen town 镇的城区 Demography
English to Chinesezhen (township) 镇 Demography
English to Chinesecentral function(s) 中心作用 Demography
English to Chinesetopographhic features 地貌 Demography
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