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LanguagesTermTranslationGlossary name
Chinese to English艾伯斯坦畸形 Ebstein’s anomaly Cardiology
Chinese to English艾森曼格综合征 Eisenmenger’s syndrome Cardiology
Chinese to English瓣膜 valve Cardiology
Chinese to English瓣膜病 valvular heart disease Cardiology
Chinese to English二尖瓣 mitral valve Cardiology
Chinese to English房室瓣 atrioventricular valves Cardiology
Chinese to English三尖瓣 tricuspid valve Cardiology
Chinese to English瓣口面积 valvular area Cardiology
Chinese to English肺动脉瓣 pulmonary valve Cardiology
Chinese to English主动脉瓣 aortic valve Cardiology
Chinese to English瓣膜成形术 valvuloplasty Cardiology
Chinese to English联合瓣膜病 multivalvular disease Cardiology
Chinese to English人造心脏瓣膜 prosthetic cardiac valve Cardiology
Chinese to English半月瓣 semilunar valves Cardiology
Chinese to English主动脉瓣 aortic valve Cardiology
Chinese to English肺动脉瓣 pulmonary valve Cardiology
Chinese to English共同动脉干瓣 truncal valve Cardiology
Chinese to English超声窗口 echo windows Cardiology
Chinese to English胸骨旁 parasternal Cardiology
Chinese to English心尖部 apical Cardiology
Chinese to English胸骨上窝 suprasternal Cardiology
Chinese to English剑突下 subcostal Cardiology
Chinese to English经食管内 transoesophageal Cardiology
Chinese to English超声心动图引导 echocardiographic guidance Cardiology
Chinese to English彩色室壁运动显像技术 colour kinesis Cardiology
Chinese to English大动脉 the great arteries Cardiology
Chinese to English主动脉 aorta Cardiology
Chinese to English肺动脉 pulmonary arteries Cardiology
Chinese to English大动脉异位 malposition of the great arteries Cardiology
Chinese to English大动脉转位 transposition of the great artery Cardiology
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