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English to ChineseAdenocarcinoma 腺管上皮; 腺癌 Oncology
English to Chineseadrenal cortical carcinoma 肾上腺皮质; 肾上腺皮质癌 Oncology
English to ChineseAmerican Joint Committee on Cancer Staging; AJCC 美国癌症分期联合委员会 Oncology
English to Chineseangiosarcoma 血管内皮; 血管肉瘤 Oncology
English to Chinesebasal cell carcinoma 基底细胞; 基底细胞癌 Oncology
English to Chinesecalcitonin 抑钙素 Oncology
English to Chinesecarcinoembryonic antigen; CEA 癌胚抗原 Oncology
English to Chinesecarcinoma 恶性上皮肿瘤 Oncology
English to ChineseCarcinoma in situ 原位癌 Oncology
English to Chinesecatecholamine 儿茶酚胺 Oncology
English to Chinesechondrosarcoma 软骨; 软骨肉瘤 Oncology
English to Chinesechoriocarcinoma 胎盘上皮; 绒毛膜癌 Oncology
English to Chinesedirect extension 直接蔓延 Oncology
English to Chinesedysgerminoma 恶性胚胎瘤 Oncology
English to ChineseDysplasia 异生 Oncology
English to Chinesefetoprotein; AFP 胎蛋白 Oncology
English to Chinesefibrosarcoma 纤维组织; 纤维肉瘤 Oncology
English to ChineseFIGO; International Federation of Gynecology and Obstetrics 国际妇产科学联盟 Oncology
English to Chineseglioma 神经胶细胞; 神经胶细胞瘤 Oncology
English to Chinesehematogenous metastasis 血行转移 Oncology
English to Chinesehepatocellular carcinoma; hepatoma 肝细胞; 肝细胞癌 Oncology
English to Chinesehistopathological grading 组织病理分化 Oncology
English to Chinesehuman chorionic gonadotropin; HCG 人类绒毛膜促性腺素 Oncology
English to Chineseimmature teratoma 全能细胞; 未成熟畸胎瘤 Oncology
English to ChineseInternational Union against Cancer; UICC 国际防癌联盟 Oncology
English to ChineseInvasive carcinoma 侵袭癌 Oncology
English to Chineseleiomyosarcoma 平滑肌; 平滑肌肉瘤 Oncology
English to Chineseleukemia 造血细胞; 白血病 Oncology
English to Chineseliposarcoma 脂肪组织; 脂肪肉瘤 Oncology
English to Chineselymphangiosarcoma 淋巴管内皮; 淋巴管肉瘤 Oncology
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