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English to Chineseglucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase 6-磷酸葡萄糖脱氢酶 Pharmacology
English to ChineseJanbons syndrome Janbon综合症 Pharmacology
English to Chineseparts per billion concentration PPB浓度 Pharmacology
English to Chineseparts per hundred million concentration pphm浓度 Pharmacology
English to Chineseparts per hundred concentration PPH浓度 Pharmacology
English to Chineseparts per million concentration ppm浓度 Pharmacology
English to Chinesesafety range 安全范围 Pharmacology
English to Chineseinnocuity test method 安全试验法 Pharmacology
English to Chinesesafety coefficient 安全系统 Pharmacology
English to Chineseplacebo 安慰剂 Pharmacology
English to Chinesechelating agent 螯合剂 Pharmacology
English to Chinesetarget cell 靶细胞 Pharmacology
English to Chinesealbumin microballoons 白蛋白微球制剂 Pharmacology
English to Chinesepercentage concentration 百分浓度 Pharmacology
English to Chinesesemisynthetic antibiotics 半合成抗生素 Pharmacology
English to Chinesehaptene 半抗原 Pharmacology
English to Chinesehalf lethal dose ; median lethal dose; LD50 半数致死剂量 Pharmacology
English to Chinesehalf-life period; half life time 半衰期 Pharmacology
English to Chinesecoated tablet 包衣片 Pharmacology
English to Chinesefilm-coating 薄膜衣 Pharmacology
English to Chinesesaturated solution 饱和溶液 Pharmacology
English to ChineseBecquerel 贝克勒尔 Pharmacology
English to Chinesepassive immunity 被动免疫 Pharmacology
English to Chinesepassive transport 被动转运 Pharmacology
English to Chinesedisintegration 崩解度 Pharmacology
English to Chinesedisintegrants 崩解剂 Pharmacology
English to Chineseessential aminoacid 必需氨基酸 Pharmacology
English to Chineseessential fatty acid 必需脂肪酸 Pharmacology
English to Chineseallergy 变态反应 Pharmacology
English to Chinesesurface activity 表面活性 Pharmacology
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