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Romanian to Englishdeclarare ca oras (lege) granting city status Ro>En
Romanian to Englishimbinare bilaterala de colţ (sudura) two-sided corner joint  Ro>En
Romanian to Englishsuma nevalorificata unused amount  Ro>En
Romanian to Englishproinflaţionist si deflaţioniste inflationary and deflationary  Ro>En
Romanian to Englishreceptie acceptance Ro>En
Romanian to Englishîn dispută under dispute Ro>En
English to Romanianfeed-in tariff tarif/pret fix (feed-in tariff) Ro>En
Romanian to Englishasfalt executat la cald hot rolled Ro>En
Romanian to EnglishRecurenta-parata appellant-defendant Ro>En
Romanian to Englishdirigentie de santier site supervision Ro>En
Romanian to Englishcomerciant merceolog Business and Product Technologist Ro>En

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