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LanguagesTermTranslationGlossary name
English to Chineseear 耳  Medical
English to Chineseear bone 听小骨  Medical
English to Chineseear lobe 耳垂, 耳屏  Medical
English to Chineseear speculum 耳镜  Medical
English to Chineseear stone 耳石  Medical
English to Chineseearache 耳痛  Medical
English to Chineseeardrops 点耳剂  Medical
English to Chineseeardrum 鼓膜  Medical
English to Chineseearflap 耳廓  Medical
English to Chineseearly cancer 早期癌  Medical
English to Chineseearly cell 未分化细胞  Medical
English to Chineseearly detection 早期发现  Medical
English to Chineseearly diagnosis 早期诊断  Medical
English to Chineseearly discovery 早期发现  Medical
English to Chineseearly gastric cancer 早期胃癌  Medical
English to Chineseearly generalization 早期扩散  Medical
English to Chineseearly treatment 早期治疗  Medical
English to Chineseearmembrane 鼓膜  Medical
English to Chineseearwax 耳垢  Medical
English to Chineseeastern schistosomiasis 日本血吸虫病  Medical
English to Chineseebonation 碎骨片清除术  Medical
English to Chineseeburnation 骨质象牙化  Medical
English to Chineseeccentric hypertrophy 离心性肥大  Medical
English to Chineseecchondroma 外生软骨瘤  Medical
English to Chineseecchondrosis 外生软骨瘤  Medical
English to Chineseecchymoma 皮下血肿, 瘀斑  Medical
English to Chineseecchymosis 皮下血肿, 瘀斑  Medical
English to Chineseeccoprotic 轻泻药  Medical
English to Chineseeccrine 外分必的  Medical
English to Chineseeccrisis 排泄, 分泌  Medical
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