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Chinese to English有綫電視入網器材 Cable (TV) Network Access/Access Network Equipment/Apparatus Ele
English to ChineseLevel 能级/电平 Ele
French to Englishcâblage en étoile star wiring/cabling/coupling  Ele
English to Chineseampli-tuner/amplifier-tuner 调谐放大器 Ele
Spanish to ChineseConfiguración de canales 频道调谐/搜索 Ele
English to Chinesedoped core active fiber 掺杂芯活性光纤/纤维 Ele
English to Chineseaerial manager (空中)架/布线主管/经理 Ele
Chinese to English跟随体燃料  follow fuel Ele
Chinese to English2回路输电线路 2-circuit transmission line Ele
English to Chinesepull-up resistor 上拉电阻(器)/上拉電阻(器) Ele
English to Chinesepre-wiring 預佈線 Ele
English to Chineseinrush current 冲击电流(冲流,合闸电流,浪涌电流,侵入电流) / 衝擊電流,侵入電流 Ele
Chinese to English电源间共负 share cathode / negative (eletrode) shared between electric sources Ele

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