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Norwegian (Bokmal) to Englishkort fortalt short overview Telefonfaktura Bokmål
Norwegian (Bokmal) to Englishfree bruk (for) free use Telefonfaktura Bokmål
Norwegian (Bokmal) to EnglisheFaktura-referanse number for payments over the Internet Telefonfaktura Bokmål
Norwegian (Bokmal) to Englishav annen betalingsmåte a different payment method Telefonfaktura Bokmål
Norwegian (Bokmal) to Englishansvarlig contact person Telefonfaktura Bokmål
Norwegian (Bokmal) to Englishtilleggstjenester additional services, extra services Telefonfaktura Bokmål
Norwegian (Bokmal) to Englishalle dine tjenester all the services used by you Telefonfaktura Bokmål
Norwegian (Bokmal) to Englishpapirfaktura invoice per post Telefonfaktura Bokmål
Norwegian (Bokmal) to EnglishØnsker du forklaring på Would you like to get explanations about Telefonfaktura Bokmål
Norwegian (Bokmal) to Englishinnholdstjenester content services Telefonfaktura Bokmål
Norwegian (Bokmal) to Englishbruk consumption Telefonfaktura Bokmål
Norwegian (Bokmal) to Englishde ulike postene de different invoice items Telefonfaktura Bokmål
Norwegian (Bokmal) to Englishengangspriser one time fees Telefonfaktura Bokmål
Norwegian (Bokmal) to Englishbortfaller will be ceased to apply Telefonfaktura Bokmål
Norwegian (Bokmal) to Englishfor sen betaling for late payment Telefonfaktura Bokmål
Norwegian (Bokmal) to Englishfaste priser (basic) fixed fees Telefonfaktura Bokmål
Norwegian (Bokmal) to Englishpakkedata package data Telefonfaktura Bokmål
Norwegian (Bokmal) to Englishmobilt bredbånd inkludert GPRS mobile broad band including GPRS Telefonfaktura Bokmål
Norwegian (Bokmal) to Englishgrunnlag VAT calculated on... Telefonfaktura Bokmål
Norwegian (Bokmal) to Englishrask og nøyaktig behandling av din innbetaling your payment will be processed quickly and accurately Telefonfaktura Bokmål
Norwegian (Bokmal) to Englishlovbestemt forsinkelsesrente legal interest for delay Telefonfaktura Bokmål
Norwegian (Bokmal) to Englishog det påløper in addition to Telefonfaktura Bokmål
Norwegian (Bokmal) to Englishfaktura- og kredittavdelingen invoicing and credit department Telefonfaktura Bokmål
Norwegian (Bokmal) to Englishoppsummert summed up, overview over Telefonfaktura Bokmål
Norwegian (Bokmal) to Englishsammendraget viser overview showing Telefonfaktura Bokmål
Norwegian (Bokmal) to Englishdetaljer specifications Telefonfaktura Bokmål
Norwegian (Bokmal) to Englishde ulike feltene the different parts Telefonfaktura Bokmål
Norwegian (Bokmal) to Englishdu kan mangle oppsett for you cannot connect to Telefonfaktura Bokmål
Norwegian (Bokmal) to Englishsend fiks... just send... Telefonfaktura Bokmål
Norwegian (Bokmal) to Englishnettbank online banking Telefonfaktura Bokmål
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