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LanguagesTermTranslationGlossary name
English to Germansquare Anschlagwinkel WW Hand Tools
English to Germanclamp (cramp) Spannzwinge/Spannknecht WW Hand Tools
English to Germanhand drill Handbohrmaschine WW Hand Tools
English to Germanbrace (and bit) die Knarrenbohrwinde WW Hand Tools
English to Germanplane Hobel WW Hand Tools
English to Germanchisel das Stecheisen/der Beitel WW Hand Tools
English to GermanT-bevel/sliding bevel die Schmiege WW Hand Tools
English to Germanmallet der Schreinerklüpfel WW Hand Tools
English to Germanmiter square das Gehrmaß WW Hand Tools
English to Germanmarking gauge Streichmaß WW Hand Tools
English to Germansaw die Säge WW Hand Tools
English to Germandovetail saw die Feinsäge WW Hand Tools
English to Germancompass saw die Stichsäge WW Hand Tools
German to EnglishSenker, Krauskopf countersink bit, rosehead WW Hand Tools
German to EnglishSenker, Flachsenker countersink bit, flathead WW Hand Tools
German to EnglishSenker, Fräßsenker snail horn countersink WW Hand Tools
German to EnglishSchlangenbohrer spiral auger bit WW Hand Tools
German to EnglishSchneckenbohrer snail auger bit, gimlet WW Hand Tools
German to EnglishStangenbohrer auger bit with long shank WW Hand Tools
German to EnglishLöffelbohrer spoon bit, shell bit, quill bit WW Hand Tools
German to EnglishBügelsäge coping saw WW Hand Tools
German to Englishdas Stecheisen/Stechbeitel, der Beitel chisel WW Hand Tools
German to EnglishVerschlussspanner toggle clamp WW Hand Tools
German to EnglishSpundhobel grooving plane/match plane WW Hand Tools
German to EnglishAnschlagwinkel trysquare WW Hand Tools
German to EnglishGoldschmiedschere jeweler's scissors WW Hand Tools
German to EnglishFeinsäge fine-toothed saw WW Hand Tools
German to EnglishFedermaßstab marking gauge WW Hand Tools
German to EnglishReißnadel scratch awl/marking awl WW Hand Tools
German to EnglishSchlosserhammer cross peen hammer WW Hand Tools
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