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LanguagesTermTranslationGlossary name
Spanish to Englishroble white oak Wood/Madera
Spanish to Englishencino red oak Wood/Madera
Spanish to Englishfresno ash Wood/Madera
Spanish to Englishácere, arce maple Wood/Madera
Spanish to Englishcedro cedar Wood/Madera
Spanish to Englishparota guanacaste Wood/Madera
Spanish to Englishrosa morada roble Wood/Madera
Spanish to Englishhaya, m. beech Wood/Madera
Spanish to Englisholmo elm Wood/Madera
Spanish to Englishcaoba mahogany Wood/Madera
Spanish to Englishnogal walnut Wood/Madera
Spanish to Englishbocote - tampicerán bocote (rosewood) Wood/Madera
Spanish to Englishguapinol Brazilian cherry Wood/Madera
Spanish to Englishpino pine/fir/spruce Wood/Madera
Spanish to Englishmadera noble fine hardwood (or exotic, precious) Wood/Madera
Spanish to Englishcedro espino spiny cedar Wood/Madera
Spanish to Englishcedro amargo bitterwood Wood/Madera
Spanish to Englishroble de sabana Spanish oak Wood/Madera
Spanish to Englishnispero sapodilla Wood/Madera
Spanish to Englishcriollo ironwood Wood/Madera
Spanish to Englishnazareno purpleheart Wood/Madera
Spanish to Englishron ron goncalo alves Wood/Madera
Spanish to Englishcoco mono monkey coconut Wood/Madera
Spanish to Englishprimavera white mahogany Wood/Madera
Spanish to Englishcedro blanco white cedar Wood/Madera
Spanish to Englishjatoba Brazilian cherry Wood/Madera
Spanish to Englishpurpleheart Nazareno Wood/Madera